50% Deadmau5 + 50% Neon Hitch = 10000000% good

Pop Heaven / Pop Hell

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In a rare matching-up of mine and the music blogosphere’s music awareness, the weekend saw this collaboration between Deadmau5 and Neon Hitch – “I Can’t Behave Myself” – take up residence in the part of my brain marked “////AS GOOD AS BISCUITS//;;;O9IUIAOI”.

Old Mouseheed softens his manglesome production considerably and – as on last year’s masterful “I Remember” – replaces the headfarks with a killer melody and on-the-money female vocal. This time it’s from Ke$ha’s pal and soon-to-be-popstar Neon Hitch.

BREAKING NEWS: Big Dog D-Cam has just passed a ruling that will, if you claim not to like this song, automatically SLASH your already piddling brain capacity by a further 38%.

Deadmau5 & Neon Hitch – I Can’t Behave Myself by PlaylistU.com

[via Winnie Cooper]

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