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Yurr we are then, the obligatory end-of-year thingywing. As anyone who’s ever asked me for my all-time favourite song/album will know, I’m not very good at ranking things. It blows my mind that anyone can definitively say what their favourite song is.

So rather than do a Top 100 and whatnot, I’ve compiled a Spotify playlist of the best music of 2010.

It comes with the following provisos:

1. Not all music released in 2010 is available on Spotify. So there’s no Arcade Fire on this playlist. Good news for anyone who gives nary a hoot about them.

2. The whole “singles” business is a bit confusing these days, so I’ve picked a mixture of singles, album “cuts” and songs that may technically have been released in 2009 but which I poisonally associate more with 2010.

3. In keeping with the outlook of this here bloglet, it’s relentlessly “eclectic” (“unfocused”). In the process it will almost certainly please nobody but me.

4. Er, it’s quite long.

5. Intentional omissions: The National, Interpol, Beach House, Joanna Newsom, Foals… I have liked songs by a few of these folk in the past, but this year none of them grabbed me.

In the case of The National: I just. don’t. get. it. It strikes me as over-earnest ear-filler for people desperate to believe in “real music”, a notion which bores and angers me in equal measure. I’ve tried listening to them numerous times over the years, and this year my efforts followed the same pattern as previous attempts:

1. Click “play”.

2. Wait for melody or something of that nature to grab me.

3. Start thinking about whether my washing is dry yet, and who thought up the word “brown”, and whether I need a new ironing board cover, and why the back of my mobile phone doesn’t quite fit correctly – look! It moves if I touch it even just a little bit. Is that bad design or shoddy manufacturing?

4. Realise song ended ten minutes ago.

I respectfully direct outraged parties to end-of-year lists compiled by the likes of Q and Uncut.

For those of you who don’t/can’t use Spotify there’s a tracklisting at If you have the patience and inclination to compile the whole playlist via other means please let me know so I can have you committed.

Click the link below to listen to the playlist in Spotify. Enjoy! Or else!

Listen to My Chemical Toilet’s Best of 2010 playlist on Spotify

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