Peter Shilton and Andrew McCarthy appear in the same music video

Forwarding Fodder, I Thought You Were Dead!

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What blackmail material Norwegian show Gylne Tider (“Golden Times”) has over every slightly past-it celebrity on the planet is unclear. But it must be approximately as powerful as an Atomic Wikileak.

Behold, as familiar faces from yesterdecade mime to “Let it Be” and “We Are The World” in order to help promote the show.The former has better production values, but the latter fulfils one of my dearest childhood dreams: that of seeing ex-England goalkeeper Peter Shilton miming to Willie Nelson, closely followed  by ex-Germany striker Karl-Heinz Rummenigge miming to Al Jarreau.

To be honest I’d given up hope of this ever happening.

The full list of celebrigold is too long, but to give you a taste, the two videos below feature, among many others: Eddie The Eagle, Pat Sharp, Dr Alban, Ten Sharp, Corbin Bernsen, Sabrina, George Costanza, Krystal from Dallas, Limahl, Rednex, Ian Rush, Mel Smith, Glenn Medeiros, Andrew McCarthy, Bruno from Fame, the bloke who made the funny noises in Police Academy

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