Riton, Primary 1 & Wiley ask "Who's There?", like big scaredy cats

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Riton & Primary 1′s original dose of acid-para bounciness soundtracked, at a guess, 34,10413412.3 clammy-palmed comedowns in ‘Beefa this summer, and now it’s been given a (limited) new lease of life thanks to a verse from Wiley.

He does give it a nice splurge of urgency, a la “Rolex”, but why is his contribution – and indeed the song as a whole – so short?

Oh well, I’m sure a krillian more remixes will emerge to give us a proper go at those acid house synfs. Until then:


I asked the shady personage who sent me this when it’s due out, but it seems they’re just going to “see how it goes”.


Massive Attack's "Splitting The Atom" in "sounds a lot like Massive Attack" shocker

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If you were hoping Massive Attack might take a thrash metal detour for their new material you’ll be disappointed, but if you like their brand of vague menace

Mayer Hawthorne has a "One Track Mind"

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This site’s esteemed illustrator, Mr Phil Martin, has been touting Mayer Hawthorne for many months now. While I thought “Just Ain’t Gonna Work Out”, the first track to emerge from his forthcoming album A Strange Arrangement, had pleasingly meaty, vintage soul-inspired production, the track didn’t do a whole lot for me.

I think the video adds a certain something though, partly due to the shock that the guy producing the sounds – and apparently he’s a one-man operation – is a geeky white guy. A geeky white guy you’re going to be hearing a lot about in the next month or so.

Mewonders whether a certain Mr West pilfered that heart-badge motif, too…

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DJ Spinbad smacks the 90s up

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spinbadI think we can agree that the 80s revival is getting just a wee bit old now, and while the early 90s is being represesented by various rave-influenced types, it’s only a matter of time before the decade as a whole comes into vogue.

That time could well be now, a mere ten years after it ended, if DJ Spinbad has anything to do with it. His new 90s megamix is preposterously good fun, mixing up music from the time with TV and film clips to create 80-odd minutes which are pretty much guaranteed to stick a grin on your mug.

I’m not even going to go into what the highlights are, because it’s pretty much all gold.

OK, the OJ / Chris Rock / Smack My Bitch Up / Thong Song bit deserves a special mention.

Download DJ Spinbad’s 90s Megamix here

[via Tru Spinna's via word of Phil Martin's mouth]

Cicada's "Psycho Thrills" should be number one by now

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cicada_rouletteCan you imagine how great it would be if Ladyhawke hooked up wih Girls Aloud producers Xenomania? If your brain isn’t up to such popmath, fear not – there’s a song on Cicada‘s new album Roulette which shows exactly how great such a pairing would sound.

It is called “Psycho Thrills”, and if whoever makes such decisions for Cicada doesn’t ensure it is released as a single toot bloody sweet, they ought to find themselves languishing in a dole queue for the rest of the summer.

Slap my wrist for such harshness, but if you give “Psycho Thrills” a listen below you will surely come to the same conclusion – this, amongst an album of splendid electro-pop, is surely a numero one single (despite something in the synths reminding me of Eric Clapton’s “Behind The Mask (?!)).


Buy “Psycho Thrills” and other tracks from Cicada’s Roulette at 7Digital

DaVinChe's "Rider" single has more tracks than some albums

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Modern music is a confusing place for the elderly, and the CD single I received for DaVinChe‘s “Rider” nearly gave me an aneurism. The facts as far as I can discern are these:

1. “Rider” is grime producer DaVinChe’s new single, out on June 8th.

2. It comes as a kind-of mixtape, with lots of different versions of “Rider” on it. Guests include people called Wiley, Skepta, Tinie Tempah, Tinchy Stryder, Clea & Bashy, Keedo and Wretch 32 (??).

3. The track featuring Clea & Bashy is actually called “Riding For Love”, despite being a kind-of remix of “Rider”.

4. “Riding For Love” is clearly the most chart-friendly version and has been picking up exposure on MTV Base accordingly. At the risk of being labelled a h8r I find Bashy’s contribution is a tad lacklustre,

The Shoes vs Primary 1's "Ho Lord" is heaven-sent

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The Shoes vs Primary 1: "Ho Lord"The sun has been shining in smelly London town recently, which might not mean jack if you’re reading this from Miami or summink but to us Brits it feels like a birrova miracle.

It also makes songs like The Shoes/Primary 1′s springy “Ho Lord” sound like they were beamed down by Jebus himself to soundtrack our barbecues:

The Shoes/Primary 1 – “Ho Lord”

Don’t you love that weird bit where the guy goes “… Elton John”?

You can buy “Ho Lord” on 7″ from Pure Groove at the moment, or download it at NME.com. The vinyl release includes some rosary beads, which might come in handy when you’re begging forgiveness from your bank manager for spunking

Alex Metric gets his "Head Straight"

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alex-metricRemix monumentalist Alex Metric releases the Head Straight EP on 18th May 15th June, and it’s triff. The lead track is also one of those earworms which is doubly nagworthy because you can’t work out what the heck he’s singing (although this tweet seems to clear that up).

Also amazamundo is the second track on the EP, “What Now”. Imagine one of the Daft Punk robotheads taking a big old hammer to your ears, and that being a pleasant rather than life-threatening sensation. That gives you some idea of the bangerific nature of “What Now”. I don’t know why I’m even bothering to describe it mind you, since you can just listen to it – and “Head Straight” – below.

“Head Straight”:

Alex Metric – “Head Straight”

“What Now”:

Alex Metric – “What Now”

Buy the Head Straight EP from June 15th at Amazon

Del The Funky Homosapien's funky new album available for funky free funky download

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del-the-funky-homosapien-funk-manDel The Funky Homosapien – whose real name I dearly wish was “Derek” – has rather a fine new album out called Funk Man (The Stimulus Package). I’m going to go out on a limb and assume that the latter part of that title was probably added at the last minute, following recent economic events

The album’s available for free download, but just in case you’re thinking that must mean it’s a pile of unlistenable garbage, I can assure you that’s not the case. Just listen to “Land Of Funk”, below – it risks throwing too many things at the wall, but the end result is a vibrant, bouncy delight which will make you want to have a funky barbecue, whatever one of those is.

And… doesn’t it remind you of a certain Justin Timberlake song?

[audio:12 Land of funk.mp3]

Del The Funky Homosapien – Funk Man (Stimulus Package) free download


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herve.jpgThat chap to the right, crying like a girl while pretending to have gotted something in his eye, is Herv