DaVinChe's "Rider" single has more tracks than some albums

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Modern music is a confusing place for the elderly, and the CD single I received for DaVinChe‘s “Rider” nearly gave me an aneurism. The facts as far as I can discern are these:

1. “Rider” is grime producer DaVinChe’s new single, out on June 8th.

2. It comes as a kind-of mixtape, with lots of different versions of “Rider” on it. Guests include people called Wiley, Skepta, Tinie Tempah, Tinchy Stryder, Clea & Bashy, Keedo and Wretch 32 (??).

3. The track featuring Clea & Bashy is actually called “Riding For Love”, despite being a kind-of remix of “Rider”.

4. “Riding For Love” is clearly the most chart-friendly version and has been picking up exposure on MTV Base accordingly. At the risk of being labelled a h8r I find Bashy’s contribution is a tad lacklustre,

Fenech Soler: from Northamptonshire, but don't let that put you off

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fenech_solerFenech Soler have taken a leaf out of Stuart Price’s Les Rhythmes Digitales book. They’ve gone, “Hey, we make straightfaced Eurobouncy electropop, so shall we call ourselves something vaguely Fronchy? That way everyone will automatically think we are good.”

And then they’ve had a little think, and then they’ve answered, “Yes. Yes, we shall.” And then they’ve agreed with themselves, shaken hands with themselves, and done just that.

It’s worked a treat, too – they’ve been signed up to the Vulture label, which is run by Alan Braxe. At this point I could pretend to have heard of him, but I don’t like to mislead, readership. Apparently he’s some big dance cheese from across Le Channel, anway*.

Other factlets: they’re from Northamptonshire, so probably know how to pronounce “Towcester” correctly. They are insultingly young, with none of them currently over 21 years of age. And their new single, “The Cult Of Romance” came out this week.

The single’s good, but as is often the case these days there’s an even better remix. You can hear that remix, by Combo, below. It is 6 minutes of proper good hi-NRG emoelectro, it is.


Buy Fenech Soler, “The Cult Of Romance” at iTunes

Fenech Soler on MySpace

*Having since listened to some of his stuff, I can confirm Mr Braxe makes a very pleasing racket indeed. “In Love With You” in particular is a fluffy-nosed delight. Oh, and it turns out he was one of the folk behind Stardust’s “Music Sounds Better With You”. Perhaps I should keep my smart remarks to myself in future.

[Image: Elisha Smith-Leverock, from Fenech Soler's MySpace]

[via Worrapolava]

Imperial Squad will soon be soundtracking your public transport journeys whether you like it or not

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If you haven’t yet had a commute ruined by a yoot blasting Imperial Squad out of their phone, you should probably prepare yourself for the experience. In an age when “underground” can mean all-day exposure on grime-y pop TV channel AKA (formerly Channel U) and canny use of online social networking, Imperial Squad look set to be the latest act to use these avenues to follow the likes of N-Dubz and Chipmunk into the “proper” pop charts.

They’re one of those acts who have garnered zillions of YouTube and MySpace views amongst tuned-in yoots while receiving little if any radio play. Their first “official” single was called “Just A Link”, and featured a preposterously seedy video shot in a “Thistle Hotel” off the M1 or something.

It’s all fake-tanned young ladies in underwear and itchy-looking soft furnishings – but damn and blast if the song’s not a hooky little swine…
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Baddies' "Holler For My Holiday" inspires lamest joke ever

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This is Baddies‘ new video, “Holler For My Holiday”. Watch it and if you like, scroll down a bit for a rather weak gag based on the fact that it sounds, and looks, a bit like another band you may remember.

***So THAT’S what happened to The Futureheads!***

You can go now.

Buy “Holler For My Holiday” from June 1st at Amazon.co.uk

I Fight Dragons have the "Nintendo power-pop" section of HMV to themselves

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i-fight-dragons-myspace-game Chicago’s I Fight Dragons, like Anamanaguchi, are one of those bands who use Nintendo equipment to create music. Unlike Anamanaguchi, I Fight Dragons create radio-friendly powerpop with their Gameboys and Guitar Hero controllers.

I do wonder if creating this chiptune music using videogame accessories shows even more get-up-and-go in a band – it must be quite tempting to just stay on the couch and play games, no?
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Road To V offers (two) unsigned bands chance to play V Festival

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The number of opportunities for new bands to gain some brand-sponsored exposure these days is pretty breathtaking.

Pretty much every major festival has had a go at “engaging” young ‘uns using these tactics, and Virgin Media’s Road To V competition has been going a fair few years now.

This year Road To V is back, offering a frankly gruelling-sounding path to V Festival for two hopefully very fit unsigned bands. The Road to V involves being mentored by a couple of (soon to be announced) established bands, playing Brighton’s Great Escape Festival, exposure to pretty much every Virgin Media “portal” out there and trial by public vote.

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Anamanaguchi's Dawn Metropolis finds use for pre-Wii Nintendo Entertainment Systems

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A punk band playing alongside a hacked 80s Nintendo Entertainment System doesn’t, on paper, sound like the most rewarding listening experience for anyone other than Nintendo fanboy nerdlingers.

However, Anamanaguchi’s Dawn Metropolis may prove that instrumental punk/video game mash-ups can be worth listening to even once the novelty has worn off.

From what I’ve listened to, Anamanaguchi sound a bit like a speeded-up, Guitar Hero version of NYC guitar synthstrumentalists Ratatat. But you probably won’t know if it’s really your kind of thing until you’ve actually listened to a bit of it – which you can do over the page.

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I'll Hit Her: those Estonian indie/electro acts just keep coming

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I’ll tell you, trying to find info about an act called I’ll Hit Her will throw up some puh-ritty disturbing search results on Google. And while some of them might be kind of darkly entertaining, chances are not a one will be as pleasing on the earbones as “Noise In Your Mind”.
If you don’t mind I’ll sidestep the obvious issues regarding their name in a rather cowardly manner, and just concentrate on the music maaan.

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Milke's "Love Get Out Of My Way" + Designer Drugs = a thumpingly enjoyable affair

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milke.jpgFurther proof that anyone toting a guitar in 2009 might as well chop it up for firewood, Milke (right; click image to enlarge) have already been big-upped (bigged-up?) by lots of people far cooler than I. “Love Get Out Of My Way” is released as a single on March 16th, with a debut album due to follow later this year.
With all the plaudits they’ve received from the cool kids I was like, “Not going to like ‘Love Get Out Of My Way’. Shan’t”. But then I listened to it, and I was like, “OK, it’s good.” And then I heard the Designer Drugs remix – which you can download for free after the jump – I was like, “THAT IS FUCKING BRILLIANT.”
And then everyone in the office was like, “You in the corner, we are trying to work here, please stop talking to yourself.” And I was like, “OK.”

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Tah Mac on the ROAD to lavish lifestyle (geddit, etc)

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Last night I went to see a young man who calls himself Tah Mac. This is him in his new video, “Lavish Lifestyle”:

It’s quite a catchy number, is not it? He reminds me a bit of Sisqo, only I believe he may be even shorter.
However, do you get the impression “Lavish Lifestyle” was penned, recorded and filmed before the global economy went and shat itself?

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