Usher’s “DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love” gets the video it deserves by omitting Usher from the equation

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I’m not going to lie – I bloody love Usher’s “DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love”. I can’t help it. Obviously it would be fortwenteen times better if it contained no Pitbull, but few records manage to escape his “input” these days.

I was disappointed with the video, though. It was your standard club-based yawnathon – some nice choreography, but it didn’t really capture the R&B/eurocheese crossover vitality of the song.

So thank Kong for Keenan Cahill who, under the YouTube moniker BeenerKeeKee19952, has provided the enthusiastic treatment the tune deserves. It’s a shame (but not remotely surprising) that, as one YT commenter understates in reference to the feedback Keenan has received from the community, “most of these comments r rude”.

R.I.P. Solomon Burke

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If you shuffle off this mortal coil having left something this good behind, you know you did life right.

Rap man steals Batman, holds gun to monkey’s head

Naughty Rappers


We’ve all jacked a few mans for their chains in our time, haven’t we? ‘Course. One thing I personally have never done is steal someone’s gaudily-oversized superhero pendant and gone on YouTube to gloat about it. But north London MC Rowdy-T makes this look like a rather wizard idea, if only for publicity’s sake.

It seems Mr T encountered an American rapper named Yung Berg, and took a bit of a shine to Mr Berg’s Batman neckla- sorry, chain. So he yoinked it. Then, rather than laying low and polishing his twinkly Caped Crusader beneath his duvet, he decided to start uploading a series of videos so that nobody would be in any doubt that he was in possession of the stolen trinket.

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Ladies & gentlemen: The Rolling Stones are rather engaging to watch on your home entertainment system

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Feels a bit weird, writing a post about The Rolling Stones. You tend to assume everyone knows everything there is to know about them, don’t you? But even hardcore Stones bores have been awaiting the release of Ladies And Gentlemen: The Rolling Stones on DVD, as it’s been unobtainable by legal means for decades.

It was filmed over a few shows in 1972 as the band toured their masterpiece Exile On Main Street, but has only been available to fans once, in the 80s, on something called “VHS”, in a country called “Australia”, before being deleted. On October 11th it finally comes out on DVD and Blu-ray.

And however many times you’ve heard Stones songs and seen Mick peacock it up, it would be a studiously aloof, soulless berk who could watch Ladies & Gentlemen without being seduced by the ramalanga rock n’ roll spirit contained therein. “Bitch”, “Jumpin’ Jack Flash”, “Brown Sugar”… if you feel no urge to at least tap your foot when these songs are played, especially in their live incarnations with their riffs n’ their horns n’ their sheer Stonesyness, chop it off. You deserve no foot. No foot for you.

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Some words and a playlist intended to prove the magnificence of Chic, Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards

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For the last month or so I have found myself listening to a lot of Chic, and Chic-produced musics. “Chic?!?!?!??” will say the cooligans, “Aren’t they spangly disco nonsense what only gets played at Christmas parties and such and such and such??!?!?”

Well, yes and no. And no again. Because if there was an award doled out for Most Overlooked Clever Buggers In Music, well, Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards of Chic would… probably be overlooked for it. So I’m going to do my own wee bit to try and explain why the pair deserve at least a dozen props from listeners of music all over this dumb old world.

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“Lyrical Spread” encourages cheap labelling of music (and crumpets)

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Did you ever have one of these things when you were A Young?

I did. I specifically asked Santa for one, I seem to remember. I needed to assert myself against the haters (i.e., my mischievous little brother), see. So when I got it I printed out labels with “Stuart’s desk” and “Stuart’s Boba Fett” and slapped them on my things.

You can laugh, but nobody had the nerve to steal that desk. I’m pretty sure my brother still got Boba Fett though.

This clever short video, “Lyrical Spread”, makes rather better use of a Dymo (other labelmakers are available), and it’s all kinds of mesmerising. Soundtracked by the hooky, cricket-fixated “Batter, Rapper And The Mad Hatter” by some UK hip-hoppists called 9 Chameleons, it features dollops of lyrics printed out and spread like budda all over a nice English afternoon tea. Yummers!

This came via Radar Music Videos, who showcase cameraloads of talented viditors on the reglear (and offer commissions for filmmakers to pitch for).

Lyrical Spread (feat. The Chameleon) from Ian Robertson on Vimeo.

Aeroplane’s “Superstar”: available with or without added Chromeo

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I am rather excite about Aeroplane‘s forthcoming album, which is probably the first time I’ve felt that way about a Belgian act.

Aeroplane are the people who did this amazing remix of Grace Jones, this amazing remix of Friendly Fires, this amazing remix of The Shortwave Set, this amazing remix of  Coyote, this amazing mash-up of Friendly Fires and some Frenchie… You get the idea. You’re not stupid.

They’ve also done some tray bong full-length mixes which will appeal to anyone who likes a splash of disco on their dance music. I’ve been listening to this Essential Mix for the last two months or so now!!!!!!!!?

Aeroplane – 500th Essential Mix (Live from Circus Liverpool) by Aeroplane (Official)

At the end of September their debut album “takes off”, and expectations are that it will be “plane” brilliant.

*pauses for audience laughter*

As if that weren’t good enough, they’ve roped my favourite electrofunk overdue-an-albumers Chromeo to remix their new single “Superstar”. Here it is:

Don’t you dig that “This is a preview” line? Here’s the original version, sans Chromeo:

Aeroplane – Superstar by Hypetrak

Aeroplane’s album will be called – uh-oh!!!!!!? – We Can’t Fly, and is out on 27th September. “Superstar” is out on 13th September.

Buy Aeroplane music by winging it over to 7digital

Aeroplane on MySpace

Washed Out’s new video reminds me that I prefer one of his other songs

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Washed Out – “Hold Out” from John Lipari on Vimeo.

This is the new video for Washed Out’s “Hold Out”. If you haven’t heard of Washed Out (real name: Ernest Greene), don’t feel bad. I only just started listening to him, and I’m supposed to be a music blogger. The REAL music bloggers were doing excite-a-poos over Washed Out about a year ago, when I was discovering Bon Jovi.

It’s a nice enough video, and gives a good idea of what you can expect from the album from which it is yoinked, Life Of Leisure. It’s all kind of like that floppy feeling you get after a too-hot bath, but more tuneful.

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Listen to how Mega Mega Mega The Count & Sinden are

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The Count & Sinden – Mega Mega Mega by DominoRecordCo

I shan’t lie, I haven’t listened to The Count & Sinden’s new album Mega Mega Mega yet.

But let’s face it, these are the people who did this, and Hervé (who is, confusingly, either The Count or Sinden – I always forget which) never fails to create a glorious racket. So here it is for your listening wonderment. I’d be very surprised if it’s a load of old bollocks.

Update: I’ve now listened to the first two tracks, and they are both very good.

Nurse! Hand me my Pulitzer!

Buy The Count & Sinden barnstormers at 7Digital

Grandma-ster Flash

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Here’s a granny breakdancing for you. She’s on a boardwalk at what appears to be the spring break from your flu-iest fever dream.

Can you shiver as audibly as the crowd around the 1.00 point?

[via Today's Big Thing]