It's electro-grime time: Wiley's "Wearing My Rolex" is going to be massive

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rolex.gifWhile listening to Kiss 100 this morning, I heard something I’ve never heard before. That would almost be worth posting about alone, given how many mornings I’ve cursed the radio after hearing the same nonsense all damn week.
It came from Wiley, who, last I knew, was coming a distant second to Dizzee Rascal in the “First Grime Superstar” contest a few years back.
But my God, this is very very good. Or “heavy”. Or “heaveee blud”. Following the likes of Kanye West and Dallas Austin adding house stylings to their hip-hop, this track sees the same kind of thing being done with grime, I suppose – although that particular genre gets the smallest look-in really, if we’re honest. The track might remind you pretty strongly of Bodyrox and Luciana’s hit “Yeah Yeah” from last year, but when Wiley’s rhymes come in it takes it to a whole other level, in my opinion.
This is going to be huge, so you might as well get used to it by giving it a listen over the page.

In fact, it’s so bloody good you can completely ignore the fact that it contains the 12,426th use of “Rolex” in popular music. Bizarrely, this track isn’t on his MySpace at the time of writing. Sort it out, Mr. Wiley! Anyway, you can check it out below. And if you want to know what he means by “bubble”, pick one of these definitions. My guess would be number 4 or 5.

[video: Sc0tt1]
[via Kiss 100, I suppose]

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  1. mofgimmers says:

    Oh dear. After Wot U Call It? (or whatever it was called) sounding like one of the most exciting British singles in years, he goes and makes… student disco pap.
    Wiley – Starring at a rollerdisco near you…

  2. DJ Rsa^ says:

    This is a heavy mix of grime and electro beat driven music, i expect that you will hear more of this style of grime, lets just hope all the grime artists dont go ott.

  3. Rob says:

    Love this tune so much. Will be huger than huge.

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