Alex Metric gets his "Head Straight"

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alex-metricRemix monumentalist Alex Metric releases the Head Straight EP on 18th May 15th June, and it’s triff. The lead track is also one of those earworms which is doubly nagworthy because you can’t work out what the heck he’s singing (although this tweet seems to clear that up).

Also amazamundo is the second track on the EP, “What Now”. Imagine one of the Daft Punk robotheads taking a big old hammer to your ears, and that being a pleasant rather than life-threatening sensation. That gives you some idea of the bangerific nature of “What Now”. I don’t know why I’m even bothering to describe it mind you, since you can just listen to it – and “Head Straight” – below.

“Head Straight”:

Alex Metric – “Head Straight”

“What Now”:

Alex Metric – “What Now”

Buy the Head Straight EP from June 15th at Amazon

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  1. pdx says:

    where can i buy this ep in digital?

  2. No separate digital release date has been set that I know of – so I guess it must be the same as the CD release date.

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