Skepta remarks that transvestites are "mandem in disguise"

Naughty Rappers

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This is Skepta’s “Disguise”. It nicks the Transformers theme and is all about how some men dress up as ladies and attempt to trick other men into going home with them. This has never once happened to me, so I’m not sure where Skepta and his pals hang out.

There’s a line in there about having “no qualms with [transvestites’] sexuality”, which, while it might confuse pre-op transsexuals with transvestites, is at least a bit more enlightened than you might expect from an urban “joint”. It’s clearly there so you can chuckle along without feeling like a big old bigot-head, which is thoughtful of those involved.

It’s from his album Microphone Champion, tracks from which you can purchase at 7digital.

[via No, YOU Can Have A Coke – that’s Shystie’s blog, that is]

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  1. Monkey.D says:

    the Tracks after the Amsterdam interlude. Meaning that they got high and went out to the red light district where most probably there a lot of transvestites and drag queens.

    More than meets the eye lol

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