Some kids went to Kew Gardens with The Smiths, and heaven knows they're miserable now

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When I was a child, I don’t believe any of my school trips featured either Morrissey or Johnny Marr. The brats aboard Charlie’s Bus (a segment from TV-am’s SPLAT kid’s show in the eighties) got both of them on a trip to Kew Gardens, and the other Smiths to boot. The fact that Andy Rourke wore his shades throughout the experience suggests he may have been in the grip of his heroin addiction when this delightful little sojourn took place.

This is one of the most deliciously surreal clips you’re ever likely to see, and worth it just for some of the facial expressions from Moz. Then Sandie Shaw turns up for a rather depressing sing-song, which takes things to a whole new level of random.

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