Rave Digging: Skin Up – "A Juicy Red Apple"

Rave Digging


God knows what this number was about. “A juicy red apple is nice, but not every apple is red,” preached a pointdexter-y chap repeatedly over a breakbeat.

The piano breakdown still sounds great today though, with the vocal line “my juice is sweeter” at least providing some kind of dirtily tangible lyrical content.

Er, because that’s what you were after from rave music in 1992, wasn’t it?


  1. Barry Shearer says:

    Just bought a cd from the old school and found skin up on it cheers for the info on what that bird was singing was making up my own version for years.(to many good times) cheers

  2. Ken Doerr says:

    “A Juicy Red Apple” is a kid’s story book and the line comes from the first page. I know this as it was my son’s favourite bedtime book. No doubt it was for this guy.

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