Snoop Dogg blithely drowns women, likes noodles

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That little snapshot up there is from Snoop Dogg’s new video, “Gangster Love” “Gangsta Luv”. It’s an odd moment – amongst all the usual lady-based booty-quaking and gyrationalisms, there’s Snoop in the back seat of his whip having noodles chopsticked into his mouth by an Asian “lovely”.

I suppose after a few years in the game you probably run out of ways to humourously objectify women, so it’s heartening to see Snoop and his video director switching things up a bit.

Kudos also for the moment when, while zipping along in a speedboat with another buttock-flaunting entourage, Snoop smacks two ladies on their badonkadonks – and knocks them overboard. Nary a raised eyebrow from Mr. Dogg, of course, despite said ladies almost certainly not living to shake their bumcakes again.

Snoop Dogg – Gangsta Luv on MUZU.

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  1. andre says:

    People don’t really think enough about the high fatality rate in the video girl career path

  2. DVJ Rick Kraft says:

    What are you talking about? The kind Mr. Dogg throws two liferafts after the women, so they may come to his crib later. I wanna be fed noodles too 😀

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