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Digital Love/Hate/Indifference, Hip-Hop Isn't Dead

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With tiresome Facebook recommendations and retweets polluting your eyeholes on the daily, it’s always refreshing to find an artist who uses social media in the right way. Of course, it’s usually those looking for a break that do so, because I suppose the big stars have factories full of fingers to update their Twitter feeds and so on.

Baltimore rapper E-Dubble is doing it right, but the chances are – if the quality of his Freestyle Friday series is owt to go by – he may soon be outsourcing his updates.

To relative hip-hop ignoramii like me he sounds like a younger, less whiny Everlast, and Freestyle Friday sees him release a new track every week. They are, almost without exception, great.

The samples are recognisable but not obvious, ranging from classic rock to modern Hype Machine regulars, and his flow is so infectious – by turns thoughtful, funny and self-deprecating –  you find yourself wanting to listening to them all.  Which would take a fair while, since he’s just posted number 45.

Here it is – it’s called “Palm Trees”. I love the use of the Billy Joel sample:

e-dubble – Palm Trees by edubble

The use of spoken word outros is effective also. He namechecks blogs that have supported him, reminds folks where they can “connect” with him, and on one occasion addresses a banking issue:

Bank Of America, give me back those overdraft fees… I have a few people on the internet who will talk about you in a disparaging way. Seeya guys!

I wonder if this tactic is more effective than posting on the Moneysavingexpert.com forums?

I’d recommend checking out as many of his Freestyle Fridays as time allows.

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Buy E-Dubble’s first album, Hip-Hop Is Good, on iTunes

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  1. Tyler Showers says:

    Rest in peace Edubble. You are and always will be dearly missed.

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