Paloma Faith, Annie Lennox & VV Brown to sing for gender equality, live audience

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VV Brown for EQUALSQUESTION: Where would we be without women? (Some women you may be aware of include Annie Lennox, Kate Nash, Paloma Faith and VV Brown.)

ANSWER: Nowhere. Literally nowhere. We wouldn’t exist. Nobody would. Literally nobody would exist. Imagine that. Imagine it now. Imagine it now with your brain, which would not exist if it wasn’t for women.

OK, I’ll calm down. The centenary of International Women’s Day is on Tuesday 8th March, and to celebrate a friendly bunch of charities – going under the banner EQUALS – are putting on what is commonly known as a “gig” at the Southbank Centre in London on Friday 11th March.

(Disclosure: I have “helped out”, in a minimal fashion, with the EQUALS campaign.)

The bill for EQUALS Live will feature absolutely no men in skinny jeans*, and will instead showcase the womanly talents of Kate Nash, Paloma Faith, VV Brown (pictured, giving her answer to the question: “When will we know men and women are equal?”) and the ceaselessly caring Annie Lennox (International Women’s Day is kind of A-Len’s baby).

Tickets for EQUALS Live cost between £30 – £50 and are going faster than Annie Lennox’s hair colour use to change back she was a Eurythmic.

Other events being put on by the EQUALS “massive” include:

– The EQUALS Soul Train on March 8th – which y’all are invited to take part in. The flasgship one is in London’s Jubilee Gardens, near the London Eye; but if you can’t make it there’s nothing to stop you creating your own one.

– The Women Of The World Festival Conference, also London’s Southbank Centre, which is a three-day cultural jamboree including contributions from such Big Ladyguns as: Kate Mosse, Kay Mellor, Rosie Boycott, Juliet Stevenson, Annie Nightingale and Shami Chakrabarti. They’ll be approaching ishoos such as the central question posed by EQUALS: “When will we know men and women are equal?”

– A tie-in with the Birds Eye View Film Festival 2011, celebrating a hundred years of women filmmakers and live shows from Imogen Heap and Micachu, among others.

There are lots of other stuffs gwannin’ as well, with organisations, bloggers and all and sundry encouraged to create their own events. For example, splendid book blog For Books’ Sake is putting on a female-themed quiz on Wednesday 9th March in North London.

Buy tickets for EQUALS Live

Buy tickets for the Women Of The World Festival Conference

Buy tickets for the Birds Eye View Film Festival 2011

EQUALS on Facebook

EQUALS Soul Train Facebook event page

EQUALS on Twitter

* Except for session musicians, possibly

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