Did your Saturday night feature Whigfield’s “Saturday Night”?

Digital Love/Hate/Indifference

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There’s this new thing called Storify, which allows you to “pull in” “content” from various “sources” like Twitter and Facebook and stuff, and publish it all together in a neat wee “stream”.

I decided to try it out by creating a “story” that looks at how big a part Whigfield’s 1994 song “Saturday Night” plays in people’s actual Saturday nights. I did this by searching for Twitter mentions of the song in the lead up to, and from within the guts of, the Saturday night that just took place. My incisive commentary appears within the stream.

(I suppose you could do this yourself by going out next Saturday and asking people whether they intend to, or have already, danced to Whigfield’s “Saturday Night”. But I think we know that if someone’s not on Twitter they’re not really worth listening to, don’t we?)


Well that was fun, wasn’t it? (Look, at least I didn’t do one about people referencing The Boomtown Rats’ “I Don’t Like Mondays” at the start of the week. You’d have topped yourself halfway through. Think on that.)

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