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Buy "Disgustin Bliss" at’ve just finished reading this book about Chris Morris. Want a quick review? OK – it’s goodish because there are no other Chris Morris books out there, but it doesn’t have the depth or detail you’d hope the definitive Chris Morris book would have. So, you know, if you’re a fan check it out but don’t expect too much.

I thought it would be good to look at the best music parodies he produced when he was on TV & radio. I hate even using the word “parody”, thanks to all the berks on YouTube who use the word to describe their dickings-about.

Chris Morris produced all of these before YouTube even existed. Ponder that.

Blouse – “Oh Me Oh Myra”

Pixies – “Motherbanger”

Fur Q – “Uzi Lover”

JLB-8 – “Little White Butt”

Nirvana – “Panty Smile”

R.E.M – “Whale Meat”

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