Keane’s "Spiralling" is nowhere near as shit as it’s supposed to be

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tom_chaplin_keane.gifPart of being a fan of music is having your expectations confounded. It can be exhilarating, confusing, upsetting… but at least it’s bloody interesting. Who saw Radiohead going all skronky pre-Kid A, for instance?
Which brings me to Keane. I’ve bored most people I know senseless with my utter loathing of Keane. Sappy, apparently soulless, funk-free supermarket bollocks, in a nutshell. Even when I heard one of their songs I half-liked – it was “Crystal Ball”, OK? – I only ended up hating them even more. It’s like when someone you detest accidentally says something funny – just because you laugh it doesn’t mean you like them.
ANYWAY. All of this is a preamble before I admit that I like the new Keane song “Spiralling”. I don’t half like it, either. I LIKE like it. Without irony or any of that smirking obtuseness you might expect from a music writer.

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