Daisy from Daisy Dares You answers some questions, just

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daisy_dares_youSometimes, readership, you read a Q&A with a popstar and get the distinct impression that, when it comes to the interview, “their heart’s not in it”.

Like, say, when the questions they’re asked are considerably longer than the answers they give.

Anyway, on a completely separate matter here’s Daisy of Daisy Dares You almost-fame (right, after losing a contact lens) answering some tricky teasers from this webalog.

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Can You Gig It?: The Vinyl Stitches / The Priscillas @ Left 4 Dead 2 launch, Old Blue Last, London 19.11.09


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Niki Jones (he’s a he, btw) went along to the launch night for a “video game” where some bands played. He almost managed to see both of them, and details his experience in an amusing manner thusaway:

Shoreditch is known for several things: curry houses, dotcom companies, floppy hair dos and unfeasibly tight jeans. But it’s not a place known for its undead problem (unlike nearby Dalston). Tonight, however, the place is positively swarming with the rotting buggers, though fortunately for the general public someone seems to have herded them up and put them behind the bar at The Old Blue Last, clearly an equal opportunities employer.

You see, tonight the pub plays host to the launch of new zombie-blasting FPS (that’s First Person Shooter, or ‘a bit like Doom’ for the less geeky among you) Left 4 Dead 2.

Aside from the undead behind the bar we find some ‘gaming pods’ (a couple of X-Boxes in the corner) where you can play the game and a DJ who seems to be playing mainly Pink Floyd (clearly the zombie-hunter’s band of choice). Later there is some live music upstairs in the form of The Vinyl Stitches and The Priscillas. Oh, also the bar is free – score!
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How to play Calvin Harris on the stylophone


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The first – and in all likelihood last – of My Chemical Toilet’s video tutorials shows how to teach yourself Calvin Harris’s awesome “You Used To Hold Me” on the stylophone.


Sentric Music seeks prospective Hollyoaks soundtrack acts to play In The City


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For unsigned artists keen to have their music featured on the tellybox – whether it be TV shows or adverts – and thereby gain entrance to this site’s hallowed Where Have I Heard That Song Before? category, Sentric Music have been useful people to hook up with for a while now.

Why, they’ve secured spots on Lexus TV ads, episodes of Hollyoaks and – the Sincerity Rock holy grail – One Tree Hill for all manner of bands you haven’t quite heard of yet.

They also ensure acts get the money they’re due from gigs and radio play by taking care of Performing Rights Society-related bureaucracy for all their artists.

This year Sentric Music are hosting their own showcase at the UK’s leading music “convention”, In The City. They’re looking for one more band to join the four they’ve already scheduled, with the winning act getting to play in front of all manner of industry bigwigs looking for the freshest blood to drink sign up. The other acts on the bill are The Federals, Gallops, Jamie Ley and Dirty Goods.

If you want to enter you’ll need to do the following…

Sign up with Sentric Music. It’s a non-exclusive agreement which leaves you free to pursue other dirty money-making schemes while allowing the magical Sentric people to see what dosh they can purloin for you in the meantime.

– Then just email inthecity2009@sentricmusic.com with your artist name, MySpace link and a blurb saying why you want to play In The City in 140 characters or less. That’s so Sentric Music can show everyone how clever you are by tweeting your entry to their 2000+ followers

Entries need to be in by October 5th, with the winner due to be announced on October 7th.

Good luck – I hope to hear your dubstep opus featured on Grey’s Anatomy Skins real soon.

Buy In The City wristbands here

A definitive history of New Zealand's pop music


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In the pub with some New Zealandish people the other night, one of them kindly scribbled down a complete history of her country’s contribution to pop music.



Not sure what New Order are doing in there. And she spelled my name wrong.

Which period’s your favourite?

This comes courtesy of Philipa Drinkwater, who doesn’t have a website but does occasionally perform as Maria von Trapp.

“Thanks Philipa.”

Can You Gig It?: Smirnoff Experience: U.R The Night feat. Pet Shop Boys, Little Boots @ Matter, The O2, 10.7.09


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It’s a fact of modern gig-going that the more brands get involved, the more unwieldy become blog post headers. Hence that displeasing title up there. Peh.

Anyway, Louise Doherty went to Matter for the latest Smirnoff Original Nights extravaganza, and came back with a newfound respect for Little Boots. And a tattooed tit.

Crowdsourcing is best known as that thing people do when they’re too lazy to use Google. Y’know, asking your Facebook friends or Twitter followers to find you a cheesetastic club in Margate, suggest a birthday present for your 84 year-old grandmother or decide whether you should dye your hair bright pink or not (all real life examples by the way

Jet undergo welcome if surprising reinvention for "She's A Genius"


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Well, who saw this coming? Jet, priapic Antipodiean lowest-common denominator bollock-rockers, have decided to introduce some surprising – and yet welcome – elements to their new material.

Beginning with a stark, austere drum machine before being joined by a chilly synth line and the more familar rollicking guitar, “She’s A Genius” shows that the band, previously perceived as knuckle-dragging Oasis obsessives, have secretly been hiding a thrillingly eclectic outlook. And make sure you wait for the bit with whooooosh of sequenced beats as the chorus kicks in!

Nah, just kidding. It’s the same old crap.

Buy Jet songs at 7Digital, if you have to

Remember, remember, remember: Fame returns

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Clearly my head has been residing up my arse, because I had no idea the Fame movie was being remade. But it has been, and it hits cinemas “this Fall”.

Watching the trailer you kind of get the impression that the new Fame is going to be to High School Musical what 90210 is to Gossip Girl; that is, an opportunistic but kind of understandable attempt by a bygone “brand” to jump on the back of a successful product which owes a considerbale debt to the original incarnation of that brand.

And I’m sure that’s what the tweens will be saying as they exit the multiplex “this Fall”.

Band of the Coldstream Guards does "Thriller"


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The MJ tributes are going to continue to come, from all manner of weird and wonderful sources. I’d like to say this is the first and last time I’ll feature any of them, but the truth is I can make no such promise.

With that disclaimer out of the way, here is the Band Of The Coldstream Guards doing “Thriller”:

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Nine Inch Nails release The Slip online for free


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nine-inch-nails.gifIf you’re a fan of NIN you’ll know about this already; and if you’re a bit indifferent to them it’s a perfect way to see if they can win you over. Nine Inch Nails have made a new album, The Slip, available for free on that there world wide web.
If you head to the official Nine Inch Nails website you’ll be able to download the new album in a variety of digital formats. Coming just a couple of months after the online release of their last album, Ghosts I-IV, you might think Trent the Reznor is being a bit previous with this new release. Well, if you think you can improve on the tracks contained on The Slip, you can also remix them all.

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