"Are you gonna bang doe?": this summer's bestiality classic

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I jest, of course. Funky Dee’s “Are You Gonna Bang Doe?” might bring to mind disturbing visions of a yoot making bare moves on a doe, a deer, a female deer. But “doe” here is urban for “though”. I know, I was disappointed too.

According to a rather excitable chap I heard on the radio the other day, this is “blowing up” in Ayia Napa which, lest you were unaware, is where man dem go for a spot of grime-related funky funtimez in the summer, or something.

I shan’t be spending my vaycay in Ayia Napa.

Amanda Van Heldon

Niteclub Nitemares

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See you down The Langley on 2nd May, then? And don’t forget to watch Amanda’s new video with Kizzy Rascal, will you?

[Cheers to Al for noticing this – go and visit The Crystal Palace Children’s Book Festival what he’s organising from 24th-26th April 2009, why don’t you?]

Niteclub Nitemares: T-Spoon – "Sex On The Beach"

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boozer.gifRight, this is a new category for My Chemical Toilet – but I’ll be honest, I’m not sure how long it will last. It might literally be too painful to endure. If Taxicab Classics is designed to revisit those songs you’re slightly ashamed to like, Niteclub Nitemares is a look back at the days when, having finally fake I.D’d your way into the local sticky-floored nightspot, you’d then be faced with the kind of dance-pop that made you want to run straight back out again. You know the kind of thing – songs that would send certain types mental with glee, but tended to send you to the bar for another ill-advised bottle of Mad Dog.
Obviously, the memories likely to be stirred up by these travesties may become too much, so we’ll take this one post at a time, OK? If you can bear to face T-Spoon’s “Sex On The Beach”, click over 🙁

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