The final flush

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This is the last My Chemical Toilet post, for I am now “putting it to bed”.

Say whaaat?

Don’t be sad (but don’t be happy or indifferent, either). It’s been a fun old thing to do, and I hope that since it began in 2007 it’s provided some interesting and amusing stuff to read.

I’m getting on a bit. Now, I’m not necessarily saying that it’s undignified to be writing silly things about music once you’re nearer forty than twenty. And I’m certainly not saying that I’m too old to love music anymore. But keeping the site updated, and feeling the urge to say things about music, has become more and more of an effort over the last year or so. And I think if something like this isn’t fun anymore, it’s kind of pointless to continue with it.

What’s really behind this? Is your back giving you “jip”, old man?

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Dubstep: LUV or HAT?

My Chemical Toilet News

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I wrote a thing about my recent fondness for dubstep for LUV & HAT.

Shame it prompted Stuart Heritage to descend into a pit of despair, but them’s the breaks.

Read LUV & HAT: Dubstep mere seconds after clicking this link

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Slave to LUV & HAT

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This is a short murmur to say that while you’re waiting for my bi-yearly update on this here “property” you can, for one week only, find me covering for golden-haired Guardian hunk Stuart Heritage at LUV & HAT. He’s off modelling in Europe or something.

How LUV & HAT works is, one person writes about how they LUV something, and then the other writes about how they HAT it. So this week I shall be pugilating with LUV & HAT co-founder and occasional MCT contributress Robyn Wilder over a number of trivialities.

It’s not a competition, you understand. But I still intend to WIN.

First up: BATHMATS.

My Chemical Toilet elsewhere

My Chemical Toilet News

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A few lil’ Toiletries have been sprunkled around the websosphere lately, so for your informations here is where I’ve been:

–, who for some reason are under the bizarre impression that I’m “one of the UK’s top music bloggers” *splutter*, asked me some questions about music blogs and festivals for their newly launched blog. I answered them.

– Hecklerspray continue to give me a place to be rude about music stuff. I like it over there, I read their missives and feel much less dysfunctional by comparison. And the commenters! Wow. Anyway, over the last couple of months I’ve written the followings:

The Script’s Clikthrough Partnership Is Breathtakingly Reprehensible

Jason Mraz Wants Your Valentine’s Day To Involve Anus-Tubes

Michael Jackson’s Fans Are Even More Mental Than He Is

T-Pain Smashed His Teeth Out With A Golf Cart, The Ninny

Billy Bob Thornton: Master Of Passive Aggression And/Or Total Dick

Johnny Cash Remixed For No Apparent Rea$on

Rihanna And Cassie Engage In Online Photographic Tit-Off

Jimi Hendrix Was Murdered By His Manager, Says Man With Book To Sell

– Finally, I’m going to be embarking on a new day job. I’m going to be working for karaoke empire Lucky Voice! I know, right? I’ll be working as Web Wizard – not the official title – and my job will include looking after the company blog and Twitter feed. So do follow me there, won’t you?

[Image: Johan Larsson on Flickr]

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My Chemical Toilet News

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In an internet awash with good stuff, it’s sometimes difficult to remember it all. I mean, I haven’t visited I Can Has Cheezburger? for two days now.
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