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A few lil’ Toiletries have been sprunkled around the websosphere lately, so for your informations here is where I’ve been:

–, who for some reason are under the bizarre impression that I’m “one of the UK’s top music bloggers” *splutter*, asked me some questions about music blogs and festivals for their newly launched blog. I answered them.

– Hecklerspray continue to give me a place to be rude about music stuff. I like it over there, I read their missives and feel much less dysfunctional by comparison. And the commenters! Wow. Anyway, over the last couple of months I’ve written the followings:

The Script’s Clikthrough Partnership Is Breathtakingly Reprehensible

Jason Mraz Wants Your Valentine’s Day To Involve Anus-Tubes

Michael Jackson’s Fans Are Even More Mental Than He Is

T-Pain Smashed His Teeth Out With A Golf Cart, The Ninny

Billy Bob Thornton: Master Of Passive Aggression And/Or Total Dick

Johnny Cash Remixed For No Apparent Rea$on

Rihanna And Cassie Engage In Online Photographic Tit-Off

Jimi Hendrix Was Murdered By His Manager, Says Man With Book To Sell

– Finally, I’m going to be embarking on a new day job. I’m going to be working for karaoke empire Lucky Voice! I know, right? I’ll be working as Web Wizard – not the official title – and my job will include looking after the company blog and Twitter feed. So do follow me there, won’t you?

[Image: Johan Larsson on Flickr]

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  1. I feel rather privileged that I shared your favourite festival moment with you!

    Sorry for the bruises 🙁

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