Peter Shilton and Andrew McCarthy appear in the same music video

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What blackmail material Norwegian show Gylne Tider (“Golden Times”) has over every slightly past-it celebrity on the planet is unclear. But it must be approximately as powerful as an Atomic Wikileak.

Behold, as familiar faces from yesterdecade mime to “Let it Be” and “We Are The World” in order to help promote the show.The former has better production values, but the latter fulfils one of my dearest childhood dreams: that of seeing ex-England goalkeeper Peter Shilton miming to Willie Nelson, closely followed  by ex-Germany striker Karl-Heinz Rummenigge miming to Al Jarreau.

To be honest I’d given up hope of this ever happening.

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Usher’s “DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love” gets the video it deserves by omitting Usher from the equation

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I’m not going to lie – I bloody love Usher’s “DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love”. I can’t help it. Obviously it would be fortwenteen times better if it contained no Pitbull, but few records manage to escape his “input” these days.

I was disappointed with the video, though. It was your standard club-based yawnathon – some nice choreography, but it didn’t really capture the R&B/eurocheese crossover vitality of the song.

So thank Kong for Keenan Cahill who, under the YouTube moniker BeenerKeeKee19952, has provided the enthusiastic treatment the tune deserves. It’s a shame (but not remotely surprising) that, as one YT commenter understates in reference to the feedback Keenan has received from the community, “most of these comments r rude”.

“Lyrical Spread” encourages cheap labelling of music (and crumpets)

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Did you ever have one of these things when you were A Young?

I did. I specifically asked Santa for one, I seem to remember. I needed to assert myself against the haters (i.e., my mischievous little brother), see. So when I got it I printed out labels with “Stuart’s desk” and “Stuart’s Boba Fett” and slapped them on my things.

You can laugh, but nobody had the nerve to steal that desk. I’m pretty sure my brother still got Boba Fett though.

This clever short video, “Lyrical Spread”, makes rather better use of a Dymo (other labelmakers are available), and it’s all kinds of mesmerising. Soundtracked by the hooky, cricket-fixated “Batter, Rapper And The Mad Hatter” by some UK hip-hoppists called 9 Chameleons, it features dollops of lyrics printed out and spread like budda all over a nice English afternoon tea. Yummers!

This came via Radar Music Videos, who showcase cameraloads of talented viditors on the reglear (and offer commissions for filmmakers to pitch for).

Lyrical Spread (feat. The Chameleon) from Ian Robertson on Vimeo.

Grandma-ster Flash

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Here’s a granny breakdancing for you. She’s on a boardwalk at what appears to be the spring break from your flu-iest fever dream.

Can you shiver as audibly as the crowd around the 1.00 point?

[via Today’s Big Thing]

Mum’s guide to hip-hop

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Somewhere there are some Findus Crispy Pancakes burning their arses off – and it’s all because Mum’s too busy teaching the kids how to “make it look like hip-hop” while wearing a goalkeeper’s jersey. MUUUU-UUUUM!

THIS IS HIP-HOP! from Airwave Ranger on Vimeo.

[Thanks @shrockstar]

Gran is a DJ

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This is Ruth Flowers, a 69 year-old DJ. What she actually does DJ-wise – apart from wear sparkly headphones and wave her hands about – is unclear from this video…


I was hoping she might deliver an “it’s all just noise anyway” kiss-off at the end, but apparently DJ Ruth means it, man.

[via Mashable]

Major Lazer want you to fracture your genitals

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I meant to write a thing about “daggering” a while back, but then I got a text or something. For the uninitiated, daggering is a style of dancing which involves fully-clothed people getting as close to having sex as possible. Often violent, genital-slamming sex. I’m not exaggerating – people have snapped their cocks. It looks like tremendous fun, if that’s your cup of fuck.

Anyway, Major Lazer – a collaboration between Diplo and Switch – have incorporated daggering into their new video “Pon De Floor”, alongside art direction that appears to take inspiration from Teletubbies or Lazytown.

There’s something wrongly, fascinatingly hilarious about the whole affair, and you may come away wondering whether the director (Eric Wareheim of the very amusing Tim & Eric) breakfasted on a big vat of Viagra-laced cupcake frosting and crayons.
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Sara Carlson's dancing will fly you to paradise

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Graham Linehan posted this video of a lady called Sara Carlson on a 1980s Italian variety show to his blog with the headline “Whatever the opposite to ‘aroused’ is, prepare to experience it”. I’d say that’s a little unfair, particularly since the best thing about this performance is not how libido-reducing it is, but how utterly mental it is. It’s from a show called Al Paradise, and if this is the opening I can only imagine how amazing the rest of the show was.

My favourite bits are Sara’s frantic elbow-flapping, her un-moonwalking, the scuttling crabmen and the respectful bursts of applause that just randomly appear throughout.

If you’re still wondering whether to bother watching “Fly To Paradise”, I’d respectfully direct you to this comment from YouTube:


When’s the last time someone said that about a video from, say, The Enemy?

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Focus's "Hocus Pocus": just because

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This performance features some of the best guitar and drum “work” you’re likely to encounter, alongside a Dutch gibberish-spouting, yodelling, flute-playing, whistling, screaming, twitching frontman. It’s quite a watch.

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Some kids went to Kew Gardens with The Smiths, and heaven knows they're miserable now

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When I was a child, I don’t believe any of my school trips featured either Morrissey or Johnny Marr. The brats aboard Charlie’s Bus (a segment from TV-am’s SPLAT kid’s show in the eighties) got both of them on a trip to Kew Gardens, and the other Smiths to boot. The fact that Andy Rourke wore his shades throughout the experience suggests he may have been in the grip of his heroin addiction when this delightful little sojourn took place.

This is one of the most deliciously surreal clips you’re ever likely to see, and worth it just for some of the facial expressions from Moz. Then Sandie Shaw turns up for a rather depressing sing-song, which takes things to a whole new level of random.

[via Fark]

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