Did your Saturday night feature Whigfield’s “Saturday Night”?

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There’s this new thing called Storify, which allows you to “pull in” “content” from various “sources” like Twitter and Facebook and stuff, and publish it all together in a neat wee “stream”.

I decided to try it out by creating a “story” that looks at how big a part Whigfield’s 1994 song “Saturday Night” plays in people’s actual Saturday nights. I did this by searching for Twitter mentions of the song in the lead up to, and from within the guts of, the Saturday night that just took place. My incisive commentary appears within the stream.

(I suppose you could do this yourself by going out next Saturday and asking people whether they intend to, or have already, danced to Whigfield’s “Saturday Night”. But I think we know that if someone’s not on Twitter they’re not really worth listening to, don’t we?)


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E-Dubble brings the Freestyle Friday Feeling

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With tiresome Facebook recommendations and retweets polluting your eyeholes on the daily, it’s always refreshing to find an artist who uses social media in the right way. Of course, it’s usually those looking for a break that do so, because I suppose the big stars have factories full of fingers to update their Twitter feeds and so on.

Baltimore rapper E-Dubble is doing it right, but the chances are – if the quality of his Freestyle Friday series is owt to go by – he may soon be outsourcing his updates.

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I will not listen to music on MySpace ever again

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I am sick to the actual arse teeth of having to use MySpace to listen to music.

Even with a decent internet connection it takes more time to load a MySpace artist page than it does to listen to a Jimmy Page guitar solo. Then, just when you think it’s loaded, your poor overworked browser catches up with all the frustrated actions you tried to “execute” while you were waiting, and you end up down by the “THX 4 ThE ADD” idiots.

Until recently you then often had to scroll HORIZTONTALLY – shielding your eyes from grotesque banners the size of submarines – to actually locate that piece-of-shit, hasn’t-changed-in-any-noticeable-way-since-1912 “music player”.

FINALLY, you get to listen to the music. Oh, if the piece-of-shit piece of shit actually does what it’s pieceofshittingly supposed to. Which, quite often, it doesn’t.

After going through all that nonsense, the music you’re trying to get to needs to be puh-huh-huh-retty bloody good to make you stick around.


So I’m not going to use MySpace to listen to music ever, ever, ever, wever, bever again. Even for exclusives. Even if The Knife record a new album, and allow you to listen to it FIVE YEARS ahead of everyone else via MySpace, mine ears will not sample the joys. If a friend’s band uploads their music to MySpace, I am willing to cut them out of my life. I would rather consign a cherished friendship to history than go near that website again.

I don’t expect this to have much effect on “how things are done”, because only about three people read this blog. All I hope is that maybe one record company/online agency sort will see this post (and the comments beneath it if anyone can be arsed) and think: “HEY! Maybe I’ll put that artist’s music on SoundCloud instead, because it’s much nicer to look at, it’s easier to use and it doesn’t make users feel like they’re being raped in the eye!”.

And if an act has their own domain which sneakily redirects to a MySpace page, and I get caught out, I will not only never listen to them again, but I will do a poo in a jiffy bag and send it to their mum(s). THEIR MUM(S).

32 World Cup Nations, 1 Spotify Playlist

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There are plenty of World Cup albums and playlists knocking about, all with the same old nonsense with which you get bombarded every four years. I like a bit of “Vindaloo” as much as the next psychopath, but there are other countries, cultures and musics out there worth sampling before that unavoidable moment when you start necking the fizzy violence juice and screaming at foreigns on TV.

So I made an unnecessarily lengthy playlist that would serve the hellishly noble purpose of supplying listeners with music they probably haven’t heard before, but which they might (hopefully) actually enjoy listening to. It has little if anything to do with football (one New Order track notwithstanding), and has music from every nation playing at the World Cup Finals in South Africa in 2010.

Er, the North Korean one’s right at the end. Never mind human rights, those guys are playing catch-up big time when it comes to choonz.

From South Africa’s version of electro – kwaito – to Swiss art-pop, to Greek hip-hop, to Ivorian soul, to Slovenian trance… Oh dear. I’m not doing a very good job of selling this, am I? But look, I’ve listened to all of these tracks, and think they each have something to recommend them beyond Eurovision-style LOLZ. So I hope you will too.

And if you don’t, you’re a RACIST.

Click here to open 32 World Cup Nations in Spotify

There’s a full tracklisting after the jump.

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Delphic's "Doubt" makes people want to bum, apparently

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The Man, of course, doesn’t understand how Ver Kids consumify music these days. That is why universalmusicgroup make their music videos unembeddable.

(Do you ever get a frisson of somethingorother when you use a word and suddenly think, “Wowzers, that chunk of language wasn’t even close to existing ten years ago. And if you’d made it up and said it at someone, it wouldn’t have meant jackpoo to them.” “Unembeddable”, everyone.)

One of the consequences of such Man-ness is that sometimes, rather than watching a video on a blog, you have to actually go all the way over to YouTube – which can take up to 5 seconds, depending on the buses – to watch something. And one of the consequences of *that* is that you come, once again, upon YouTube commenters. And what an interesting breed they are.

Anyway, this is all pointless preamble to me slapping in a screenshot of this comment what you can find on the page for Delphic’s “Doubt“. Many feverish words have been walloped onto the internet in anticipation of what these Delphic people are going to produce (my hunch: jerky, vaguely synth-y indie pop which a certain section of society will love while everyone else goes “muh”), but surely their PR team will be most pleased with this:


Buy Delphic MP3s at 7Digital.com

Kid Sister says "Right Hand Hi"

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Look at that image, and listen to this song, and like me you might just come to the realisation that Kid Sister is surely destined to be a bona fide, proper, soon-to-be-sullied-by-a-guest-rap-from-Akon pop star.

Her songs are ravey enough for clubs but accessible enough for the pop charts, she’s collaborated with Kanye West already and she gets remixed by people so cool you haven’t heard of them. Although she has been “up and coming” for a while now, so let’s hope her moment hasn’t passed. Her album Ultraviolet is out in November.

While I’m being nice I’ll also apportion two and a half props to RCRD LBL, which not only showcases splendid music but is also the kind of site pilfering bloggers like me like a lot – they provide handy, easily-shareable wee widgets like that one up there.

Sounds simple, but it’s a notion that still escapes a lorra record companies…

The Chromeotizer: seconds of fun guaranteed

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Twitgigs implies Twitter is for something other than lunch updates

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twitgigs-flyerWe all know that Twitter is an invaluable way to let people know how deathly dull your life is, but the Twitgigs experiment this Thursday 6th August is an opportunity for you to try and convince your followers otherwise.

At The Vibe Bar in “London’s trendy Brick Lane” Twitgigs will be putting on a battle of the bands with acts sourced directly through Twitter. Punters in attendance choose the winner by sending in a postcard tweeting their votes, if they can tear their eyes away from the live Twitterfall updates that will be displayed around the gaff.

If you can’t make the night yourself (what do you mean you don’t live in London?!) you’ll be able to catch it live at ustream.tv, where presumably the possibility of watching a live stream of Twitter updates on one of the venue’s screens may present itself. I think watching live video streams of live Twitter streams could be the future, you know.

On the bill at Twitgigs will be bands with names like Essay Like Nephew (@essaylikenephew), Mike Dignam (@mikedignammusic) and The Seal Cub Clubbing Club (@wefuckinghateseals @thesccc). To get tickets in advance, go to this patch of internet.

You can follow the Twitgigs people themselves at @twitgigs, where they have a stream dedicated to live music in London.

Have The Enemy ever fingered a kebab? Sony Ericsson's Pocket TV investigates

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Do you miss Popworld? I do. It was a chucklesome nuggetoid of TV pop silliness with the ability to bring on the hungover gigglies, and it hasn’t really been replaced.

On television, anyway. But that doesn’t matter because only your gran watches TV nowadays, and even then it’s just when Antiques Ladder is on. For amusant pop-related funtimes these days one looks to the web, and once there one finds things like Sony Ericsson’s Pocket TV.

Taking the Popworld template of asking stupid questions to pop stars, Pocket TV is helmed by Holy Moly Amstell-lite talking person Matt Edmondson, and a jolly good job he does posing questions to people like The Enemy such as: “Have you ever fingered a kebab?”

It’s called Pocket TV because we’re all supposed to be watching video on our telephones these days, but you’re also allowed to watch it on your common-or-garden “home computing machine” as well. You should give it a go – you might see Lethal Bizzle shooting clay pigeons, N-Dubz being face invaded or, as below, dreadful “normal lad” dullards The Enemy pretending to be halfway interesting.

140 characters is plenty to say "Fleet Foxes f*cking suck"

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This video of music critic Christopher R. Weingarten from the 140 Characters Conference is priceless. It is precisely the opposite of what you expect from anything with the word “conference” in it. It is impassioned, funny, insightful, angry, honest and bullshit-free.

That it also effectively tells any aspiring music journalists to give up now due to the onset of Twitter & social media is kind of a shame, but he’s just calling it as he – and a lot of other people – see it.

Christopher R. Weingarten’s 1000TimeYes Twitter project

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