Rap man steals Batman, holds gun to monkey’s head

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We’ve all jacked a few mans for their chains in our time, haven’t we? ‘Course. One thing I personally have never done is steal someone’s gaudily-oversized superhero pendant and gone on YouTube to gloat about it. But north London MC Rowdy-T makes this look like a rather wizard idea, if only for publicity’s sake.

It seems Mr T encountered an American rapper named Yung Berg, and took a bit of a shine to Mr Berg’s Batman neckla- sorry, chain. So he yoinked it. Then, rather than laying low and polishing his twinkly Caped Crusader beneath his duvet, he decided to start uploading a series of videos so that nobody would be in any doubt that he was in possession of the stolen trinket.

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YouTube bans MIA's ginger-bashing video

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miaOnce upon a time, you were NOBODY unless you’d had a music video banned by Top Of The Pops. Here Robyn Wilder reports on an instance of the modern-day equivalent…

YouTube has removed the video for MIA’s new single, “Born Free”, for being too violent. The verit

Guru takes DJ Premier beef to the grave… or does he?

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Gang Starr frontman Guru has sadly passed away after losing his fight against cancer, and in doing so has left a farewell note sure to keep hip-hop conspiracy theorists stocked up with debate material for a good while to come.

In it, Guru alludes pretty directly to his ongoing beefiness with former Gang Starr producer DJ Premier…

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N-Dubz's Dappy extends his brand identity to death threats

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dappyYou may have heard that Dappy, the be-hatted wee gonad-y looking one off the N-Dubz who is apparently addicted to crashing model airplanes (?!), got himself into a spot of bov recently.

If you haven’t, the story in a nutshell is:

  • N-Dubz appeared on Chris Moyles’s riot of a radio show
  • A lady called Chloe txtd the show calling Dappy – who was once given a suspended jail sentence after spitting in a girl’s face – “a vile little boy with a hat” (LOL)
  • Dappy – who became a father in 2009 – surreptitiously noted Chloe’s number down, tried to call her and sent her swear-y, death threat-y text messages
  • Outcry, apologies from management, etc etc etc
  • Dappy – who is five feet three inches tall, which may/may not explain rather a lot – has subsequently been dropped from a campaign by charity Beatbullying
  • While Dappy’s behaviour was rather naughty, one has to applaud the fact that he managed to get N-Dubz’s trademark catchphrase into one of his succinct missives. Here’s the one I’m talking about:

    u dum f****** dickhead u can call me names over the radio but when I call u direct u chicken out u punk!nana fucking niiiii, Dappy.

    I’ll skip over the fact that pop star Dappy signed his threatening text with his name, because that’s a mistake anyone could make. It’s the “nana fucking niiiii” that interests me.

    “Nana niii” (you’ll have to excuse me if my spelling is incorrect, I looked it up in the dictionary but it weren’t there – possibly because it doesn’t actually mean anything) is the cry you can hear on many N-Dubz songs, allowing you to identify them easily lest you think you’re listening to John Mayer.

    Here are some young N-Dubz fans taking some time out from getting pregnant to share their rendition of “Nana niii”:

    It’s a canny thing, an aural trademark, and to take it into other areas of your life – as Dappy has – shows a determination to extend his/N-Dubz’s brand identity sadly lacking in the majority of pop stars. It also leads you to suspect that Dappy sees “Nana niii” as so synonymous with his sense of self that he employs it anywhere and everywhere.

    The butcher, the cobbler, the librarian – I’m guessing all have had a taste of “Nana niii”. Indeed perhaps Dappy – not the most gifted of communicators, as we’ve seen – dispenses with all other words if a “Nana niii” will do.

    “Ah, you’ve brought back the Milan Kundera book at last, Dappy. I’m afraid it’s two years overdue, so there’s a fine of

    Hip-hop playhouse: Twista goes to the doctor

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    A doctor’s surgery. Twista enters the room.

    Doctor: Ah, Twista. Hello, how have you been?

    Twista: Gottapaininmypeepee pleasehelpmeGP

    Doctor: Hmm, this again. Did you take my advice, and start using protection?

    Twista: Playadon’tputrubberonhisdick DoctorMick

    Doctor: Well, you know, you’re kind of asking for it in that case. What’s your objection to condoms, anyway?

    Twista: LovetogetblazedwhileI’mgettinglaid

    Doctor: I see. And you become too lethargic to reach over into your condom drawer, right?

    Twista: Gottachick ridingmydick toomuchhasslestickingrubberonmywick eventhoughIcoulddoitrealquick

    Doctor: Perhaps you should try having sex without smoking marijuana?

    Twista: Nofuckwithoutfire thatscenario’sdire
    Givesmethesexualdesire towhichIaspire
    JustwishIcouldgethigher withoutstartingtotire

    Doctor: I mean, I can give you that stuff I gave you last time, but you really need to-

    Twista: NowI’mstartintoperspire

    Doctor: Yes, I know the symptoms.

    Twista: Urination apainfulsensation

    Doctor: OK, here’s a prescription. But you can’t smoke marijuana while you’re taking it.

    Twista: NoMaryJaneyouinsane
    That’sapain tooprofane
    Guessmy mainvein gonnacontinuetostrain
    TheraininSpain fallsmainlyontheplain

    Doctor: LOL! Oh Twista.

    Twista: Ooh, also – I need to inform you of my change of address.

    Doctor: You can do that at reception.

    Twista: Okey dokey. Bye!

    Doctor: Bye Twista!


    Buy Twista MP3s at 7Digital

    Snoop Dogg blithely drowns women, likes noodles

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    That little snapshot up there is from Snoop Dogg’s new video, “Gangster Love” “Gangsta Luv”. It’s an odd moment – amongst all the usual lady-based booty-quaking and gyrationalisms, there’s Snoop in the back seat of his whip having noodles chopsticked into his mouth by an Asian “lovely”.

    I suppose after a few years in the game you probably run out of ways to humourously objectify women, so it’s heartening to see Snoop and his video director switching things up a bit.

    Kudos also for the moment when, while zipping along in a speedboat with another buttock-flaunting entourage, Snoop smacks two ladies on their badonkadonks – and knocks them overboard. Nary a raised eyebrow from Mr. Dogg, of course, despite said ladies almost certainly not living to shake their bumcakes again.

    Snoop Dogg – Gangsta Luv on MUZU.

    Does Akon succeed in his attempt to not be disrespectful in the lyrics of "Sexy Bitch"?

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    Poor old Akon, he’s always got summat on his mind. If it’s not accidentally dry-humping a child, physically throwing a teenager off a stage, or lying about his bad-assedness and his age, it’s something else.

    “Something else” is currently illustrated in the lyrics to his latest smash hit, “Sexy Bitch” – a collabaration with Fronch deeshay David Guetta:

    She’s nothing like a girl you’ve ever seen before
    Nothing you can compare to your neighbourhood whore
    I’m trying to find the words to describe this girl
    Without being disrespectful…

    Now, placing the girl in question above the local prostitute goes someway to showing how disrespectful Akon isn’t, but he’s clearly in a considerable tizzy over this matter. Just how can he describe this girl without being disrespectful? Let’s see if he manages it by skipping to the chorus:

    Damn, you’s a sexy bitch, a sexy bitch
    Damn, you’s a sexy bitch, damn, girl
    Damn, you’s a sexy bitch, a sexy bitch
    Damn, you’s a sexy bitch, damn, girl

    Hmm. It’s a valiant effort, but some might think that referring to a lady as a bitch – albeit a sexy one – is, like, the least respectful way to describe her. I’m just putting that out there.

    What’s interesting, though, is that if you take these lyrics from the mouth of Akon and place them in the mouth of an animated Australian tennis player, they somehow take on a certain charm. Watch:

    So, if the lyrics sound OK coming from Graham up there, does that mean Akon succeeded in his attempt to not be disrespecful?

    It’s a real conundrum, and one far too complicated for my male thoughtsicles to process. So I decided to ask some of The Womens. I emailed some real-life females and asked them for their opinion on Akon’s attempt to not be disrespectful, alongside a mark out of ten for “Not Being Disrespectful-ness”.

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    JME's bass intends to knock your gran over

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    I can’t be ignored like a hangOVER
    Coz everybeat I sound nang OVER
    Half of them I don’t mad OVER
    This bass will knock your gran OVER

    The lesson here is, if you’ve got Granny coming over for Christmas dinner make sure you didn’t also invite JME. Things could get awkward.

    Buy JME “Over Me” MP3 at Play.com

    [via Fullygrown Grime]

    Skepta remarks that transvestites are "mandem in disguise"

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    This is Skepta’s “Disguise”. It nicks the Transformers theme and is all about how some men dress up as ladies and attempt to trick other men into going home with them. This has never once happened to me, so I’m not sure where Skepta and his pals hang out.

    There’s a line in there about having “no qualms with [transvestites’] sexuality”, which, while it might confuse pre-op transsexuals with transvestites, is at least a bit more enlightened than you might expect from an urban “joint”. It’s clearly there so you can chuckle along without feeling like a big old bigot-head, which is thoughtful of those involved.

    It’s from his album Microphone Champion, tracks from which you can purchase at 7digital.

    [via No, YOU Can Have A Coke – that’s Shystie’s blog, that is]

    Naughty rapper takes gun to talent show, gets booed offstage. What happens next?

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    357-magnumThere’s not much funnier than a naughty rapper who isn’t even famous enough to get away with being naughty. Maddest of props, then, to David Thomas Thornton, who took a 15-man entourage to a South Florida university talent show and managed to get himself charged with:

    – aggravated assault
    – possession of a firearm on school property
    – grand theft of a firearm
    – carrying a concealed weapon
    – improper display of a firearm

    It turns out that if you’re an aspiring rapper it’s really not OK to carry a loaded .357 Magnum around with you, and even more not OK to start waving it at people after they’ve booed you offstage for being so shit.

    Full story at tampabay.com.

    [via Fark] / [image: Michael@Privacy of the Mind on Flickr]