Robinho jumps on "Single Ladies" bandwagon

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Sorry to say, the worldwide recession seems to have hit Brazil’s tenuously musical pre-World Cup TV ads. Check out this effort which, despite featuring stroppy genius Robinho and being set to Beyonce’s “Single Ladies”, is puh-ritty budget:

Lest we forget, in 2006 Ronaldinho and pals were part of this balletic masterpiece set in an airport:

That’s quite a drop in quality over the last four years. If the Brazilian Football Confederation’s marketing department were a band, they would be The Killers 🙁

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See how much of Niles Crane's rapping you can handle

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I got to two minutes four seconds in before the tears began to sting too much, which I think is pretty good. You?

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Old Dogs unlikely to benefit from John Travolta & daughter covering Bobby Brown

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I hope that if I ever have a children, and a rather up-and-down movie career, I’ll do a better job than John Travolta when the inevitable father/daughter movie tie-in cover of Bobby Brown comes a-knocking.

I’ll never better the centre-parted plugs or wacky madcap antics that clearly take place in Old Dogs, though. At the time of writing the movie is sitting pretty atop a 6% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, so at least the amount of damage this ickyvid can do is pretty limited.

“Ella Bleu” sounds a bit like “Hella Bleurgh”, doesn’t it? 🙁

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Kings Of Leon spent their studio time sewing bits of cloth together

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Kings Of Leon have *finally* brought out a clothing line, hurrah! It was getting pretty tiresome wandering around Top Man and H&M, not being able to find a single pair of skinny-fit black trousers or elegantly distressed plaid shirt. You took your sweet time, Kings! Of Leon!

Here’s a hat from their “collection”:


Nice hat, isn’t it? It’s got a brim, and a whatever-you-call-the-bit-that-covers-your-bald-patch. There’s a pretty bit of string (or “ribbon”) there too, and a couple of those pleasing dents where you can place your digits as you lift the hat from your bonce, incline your head slightly, and go “howdy, ma’am” to the local schoolmistress.

But how much do you think this hat costs? All the hats I’ve ever touched have had comedy wigs attached, so I’m not best placed to guess. But I’m going to estimate…

Sugababes are too tight/agoraphobic to go to Clinton's

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If you get a birthday card from Heidi, Amelle and Other One, and it looks like it was bashed together in Microsoft Word, and it employs AN UNAPPEALING FONT – this awkward little video will explain why.

Expect Keisha, Mutya and Siobhan to proclaim their Mac-ness in the very near future.

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Rio Ferdinand's music taste makes everyone happy

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rio_ferdinandHere’s Manchester United’s Rio Ferdinand disclosing what he plays in the dressing room, what with him being the chief selecta and all:

I’ve got some old school tunes to fire me up, some old school [UK] garage. Plus there’s other stuff. The mix has got a bit of Kanye West on there, Lil Wayne and stuff like that, so that everyone in the changing room is happy.

I wonder which of those is Gary Neville’s favourite.

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Franck Ribery stars as Franck Ribery in lousy music video

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French footballer Franck Ribery takes a break from working desperately to construct a move from Bayern Munich to Manchester United Chelsea Real Madrid, to appear in the music video to a song called “Meme Pas Fatigue” for someone calld DJ Kore.

The video is not a whole lot of kop, but if it happens to be thudding out of a bar across the road the track might provide an effective soundtrack as you vomit cheap shots of schnapps into the lavatory of a Costa del Sol hotel 🙁

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*something about Mark Ronson being seen with another bitch*

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The Honey Brothers provide a "Demonstration" of Adrian Grenier's drumming

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I am a fan of Entourage. Of course I am. Like Californication, it’s extremely entertaining, amusing, naughty fantasy bullshit for males who will never get to sleep with as many women as the characters in those shows do.

Entourage‘s main dude, Adrian Grenier (he plays Vince – that’s him on the far right of the photo), is also in a band called The Honey Brothers. They have a new song out there in the etherweb called “Demonstration”, and do you know what, it’s not bad.
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