N-Dubz's Dappy extends his brand identity to death threats

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dappyYou may have heard that Dappy, the be-hatted wee gonad-y looking one off the N-Dubz who is apparently addicted to crashing model airplanes (?!), got himself into a spot of bov recently.

If you haven’t, the story in a nutshell is:

  • N-Dubz appeared on Chris Moyles’s riot of a radio show
  • A lady called Chloe txtd the show calling Dappy – who was once given a suspended jail sentence after spitting in a girl’s face – “a vile little boy with a hat” (LOL)
  • Dappy – who became a father in 2009 – surreptitiously noted Chloe’s number down, tried to call her and sent her swear-y, death threat-y text messages
  • Outcry, apologies from management, etc etc etc
  • Dappy – who is five feet three inches tall, which may/may not explain rather a lot – has subsequently been dropped from a campaign by charity Beatbullying
  • While Dappy’s behaviour was rather naughty, one has to applaud the fact that he managed to get N-Dubz’s trademark catchphrase into one of his succinct missives. Here’s the one I’m talking about:

    u dum f****** dickhead u can call me names over the radio but when I call u direct u chicken out u punk!nana fucking niiiii, Dappy.

    I’ll skip over the fact that pop star Dappy signed his threatening text with his name, because that’s a mistake anyone could make. It’s the “nana fucking niiiii” that interests me.

    “Nana niii” (you’ll have to excuse me if my spelling is incorrect, I looked it up in the dictionary but it weren’t there – possibly because it doesn’t actually mean anything) is the cry you can hear on many N-Dubz songs, allowing you to identify them easily lest you think you’re listening to John Mayer.

    Here are some young N-Dubz fans taking some time out from getting pregnant to share their rendition of “Nana niii”:

    It’s a canny thing, an aural trademark, and to take it into other areas of your life – as Dappy has – shows a determination to extend his/N-Dubz’s brand identity sadly lacking in the majority of pop stars. It also leads you to suspect that Dappy sees “Nana niii” as so synonymous with his sense of self that he employs it anywhere and everywhere.

    The butcher, the cobbler, the librarian – I’m guessing all have had a taste of “Nana niii”. Indeed perhaps Dappy – not the most gifted of communicators, as we’ve seen – dispenses with all other words if a “Nana niii” will do.

    “Ah, you’ve brought back the Milan Kundera book at last, Dappy. I’m afraid it’s two years overdue, so there’s a fine of


    1. Bill says:

      Haha brilliant post I have written one about the twat on my own blog actually check it out if you want a bit of a laugh,


    2. andy says:

      hi, Naaa niii is a reference to Punani
      as in pussy as in naaa niii means “you are a pussy” because they directed the attack in an anonymous way.

      peace out blud clart!

    3. someone says:

      wtf its one thing dissing n-dubz i no dappys made mistakes but who hasent but theres no need to to diss the fans ur basicly just dissing most of the world mate and y r u sayin that all n-dubz fans r gonna get pregnent. why dont u think about what ur typin before u post it on the internet and i hope those girls see this so that they can see that ur just fucking nob who needs to get a life!!

    4. Rompy Rabbit says:



    5. demi says:

      i justt wantt to saii i love dappy soo much and i feel sorry for himm becoz of all the shit that is gowin on wit that text msg nd that cum on bruv its perthetic give dappy a bit of creditt xxnana niii

    6. Liam says:

      I don’t like Dappy but to call two young girls and say…. taking the time out to get pregnant. Makes you just as stupid tbh….just because they say things like that on camera or listen to N-dubz doesn’t mean there going to get pregnant !!

    7. Naomi says:

      I Love Dappy.
      He’s awesome
      Na Na Naii

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