Miley Cyrus now palatable to hipsters thanks to Rye Rye

Video, Where Have I Heard That Song Before?


You shouldn’t really need an excuse to like Miley Cyrus’s’s’s’ “Party in the U.S.A”, because it’s a rather adorably catchy little twit. But let’s face it, folk of a certain age, or people who have a misguided sense of their own coolosity, will never be able to admit liking it.

So here’s Rye Rye with a hipster-friendly remix of it. She’s probably only a year or two older than Miley Cyrus, but I think everyone’s allowed to like this “Party In The USA” remix because:

1. Rye Rye is “urban”, and her version is “dancefloor-friendly” (i.e., it’s faster and contains rapping).

2. For the video, Rye Rye appears to have raided M.I.A’s “closet”. Perhaps it was while M.I.A. was guesting on her recent single “Sunshine”.

3. Rye Rye adds plenty of “eyyy”s and “yeah”s – and even uses the word “bitch” a few times – which the original version sadly lacked. Crucially, she also employs the well-worn question “where the party at?” – which, in case you were in any doubt that you were listening to a track intended for dancing to, helpfully clears things up. Of course, she knows damn well where the party at, the minx. It’s in the title of the song she’s sampled, for goodness’s’s’s’ sake!

I love the video. It’s basically just some people dancing in what appears to be a school’s music room, but Rye Rye seems to smile throughout with the sheer joy of flinging her limbs about. And there’s not a hint of filth in the dancing, either, which is a bit of a rarity in a female-fronted pop vid “in this day and age”. I would be surprised if it didn’t put at least a hint of a smile on your face.

Rye Rye’s debut album comes out in a couple of months I think, but she’s just released a free mixtape which sounds like an aural migraine, if that’s your kind of thing:

Rye Rye’s official website

Rye Rye on Twitter

Rye Rye on Facebook

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  2. Zunii says:

    I love both versions ♥
    Though Ray Ray’s seems more natural ♥

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