Michael Jackson: Bad meaning the best

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michael_jacksonMichael Jackson died two days ago, so this is going to be a bit of a personal post. Feel free to skip it if you’re not in the mood for a spot of rambling, nostalgic, borderline weepy sincerity.

For me, loving music has always gone hand in hand with loving Michael Jackson. I can’t remember the first time I listened to him – he’s always just been there. And he always will be. His death won’t alter the fact that millions of kids are going to grow up listening to him, because their own parents grew up listening to him.

The last couple of days have felt quite surreal, with every shop and passing car blasting out MJ songs, and everyone I’ve spoken to talking about him. I can’t think of too many other singers whose death would inspire such a reaction, if only because there are so few acts out there who are so universally loved.

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Passion Pit & Dananananaykroyd to appear at July Levi's OnesToWatch 5 Night Review

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levis_ones_to_watch_5_night_revueProof-pudding time is about to arrive for Passion Pit, with several European festival appearances lined up over the summer.

Amongst the enormo outdoor festival shows they’ll also be appearing at east London’s Vibe Bar as part of the latest Levi’s OnesToWatch 5 Night Revue. Unsurprisingly that gig’s already sold out, but tickets are available for other shows during the impressive-sounding week in July.

The full line-up goes thusabouts:

Tuesday 7th July
: Dananananaykroyd + The Late Greats + Romance

Wednesday 8th July: Passion Pit + Fanfarlo + Apples (SOLD OUT)

Thursday 9th July: Hockey + Chew Lips + Trouble Andrew

Friday 10th July: Everything Everything + Post War Years + Special Guests

But that’s only four nights!?!?!?! WTF?!?!?!!

Calm head – apparently a fifth night of shenanigig will be announced in due course, with extra special guests. My money’s on Stavros Flatley, but I’ve been wrong in the past.

Buy tickets for Levi’s OnesToWatch 5 Night Revue shows at TicketWeb

Can You Gig It?: Oasis @ Heaton Park, Manchester, 6.6.09

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Scott Croly went to the second of Oasis’s Heaton Park gigs – the one where the power didn’t cut out. Could it wipe out the disappointment of the first night?

Only two nights earlier, Oasis had committed the cardinal sin: fucking up royally on home turf. OK, so the blame actually lay with the event

A latecomer's guide to nu-disco

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heartbreakYou might not realise this, but there is some amazing disco music out there. God, even just writing “disco music” feels wrong on so many levels. Such are the depths to which disco’s reputation has sunk in popular opinion.

But in honour of the fact that italo disco-fixated “metal band on synths” Heartbreak (left) are due to spend the next month blowing socks off up and down the country – beginning with the latest Levi’s Ones To Watch show at London’s Macbeth on Thursday 23rd April – I thought I’d do a thing about this nu-disco hoo-ha which is probably going to soundtrack a fair few debauched evenings this summer.
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Lindy Layton appears on Dub Pistols album, presence of British Knights trainers unconfirmed

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lindy laytonAfter the jump you can see Dub Pistols’ video for their new single “Back To Daylight”. It’s alright. Of more interest to me, however, is the news that one of the guests on their forthcoming album Rum & Coke is former Beats International singer Lindy Layton.

I’ll pause here so that any males in the audience of a certain age can gaze wistfully into the middle-distance for a moment.

Lindy Layton sang on Beats International’s “Dub Be Good To Me”, a huge number one hit in 1990. Watching the video now will provide plenty of fashion-related LOLZ, but hey, how well did YOU dress 19 years ago? Zackly.
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Blu Mar Ten's "If I Could Tell You" might trick you into liking drum & bass

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Posted by Stuart Waterman on Thursday April 9th, 2009 at 9:00 am

Road To V offers (two) unsigned bands chance to play V Festival

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The number of opportunities for new bands to gain some brand-sponsored exposure these days is pretty breathtaking.

Pretty much every major festival has had a go at “engaging” young ‘uns using these tactics, and Virgin Media’s Road To V competition has been going a fair few years now.

This year Road To V is back, offering a frankly gruelling-sounding path to V Festival for two hopefully very fit unsigned bands. The Road to V involves being mentored by a couple of (soon to be announced) established bands, playing Brighton’s Great Escape Festival, exposure to pretty much every Virgin Media “portal” out there and trial by public vote.

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L.A. club Vanguard loses control to Freeland's "Under Control"

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Electro DJ/producer type Adam Freeland returns this year with an album called Cope

The first thirty-two seconds of Cold War Kids' "I've Seen Enough" video are thoroughly adequate

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The internet connection in our office is complete shit. If internet connections were measured in hundreds and thousands (or “sprinkles”, if you’re a foreign), our internet connection would currently be running at 3 hundreds and thousands.

When have you ever seen 3 hundreds and thousands? YOU HAVEN’T. It is very difficult to come by that few hundreds and thousands. And yet, were bandwidth measured in them, 3 is what we’d be dealing with over here.

All of which is a preamble to me telling you that I literally got bored waiting for Cold War Kids’ new video, “I’ve Seen Enough”, to load. I only got to see the first thirty-two seconds. That is not very fair on Cold War Kids, who I am keen to give another chance after the disappointment of their second album Loyalty To Loyalty. Indeed (snigger) you could say (chuckle) I have definitely NOT seen enough! LMFAOROFLALAOLAOLAOL!

To compensate for not watching the whole clip, allow me to assure you – and Cold War Kids – that when it comes to the first thirty-two seconds of music videos, “I’ve Seen Enough” is thoroughly adequate.

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Alice In Chains to join Metallica, Linkin Park at Sonisphere Festival. In other news, Alice In Chains still exist

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sonisphere.jpgGrunge forgotabouts Alice In Chains, keen not to let a pesky thing like the death of their lead singer Layne Staley intrude on their rocking, will visit the UK this summer to play the Sonisphere Festival at Knebworth House.
Sonispshere Festival hits the UK on 1st and 2nd August, after touring Europe throughout the summer. It will be Alice In Chains’ only UK show in 2009 and comes as they prepare their first album in thirteen years.

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