Cee Lo Green swears like an angel

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This video for Cee Lo’s new song arrived in my inbox via an email from an address labelled “FU”, which makes far more sense when you listen to the song. You should do this at high volume, but possibly using headphones as it contains, and indeed revolves around, mouth naughties.

It’s pretty bladdy brilliant, and continues Ceelo’s ability to marry infectious, upbeat soul stylings with utter lyrical misery. On this occasion however, with his Xbox/Atari metaphors, it’s hard to take him too seriously. Listen once and be hooked.

Buy Cee Lo musics at iTunes, if you like

Mum’s guide to hip-hop

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Somewhere there are some Findus Crispy Pancakes burning their arses off – and it’s all because Mum’s too busy teaching the kids how to “make it look like hip-hop” while wearing a goalkeeper’s jersey. MUUUU-UUUUM!

THIS IS HIP-HOP! from Airwave Ranger on Vimeo.

[Thanks @shrockstar]

The first digital music box with two revolutionary dance tones

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I don’t think the i-Jammer – or indeed the E-Bumper – is available in the UK yet. But I will jam the jizzle of anyone who tries to beat me to the front of the queue when they go on sale.

[from Tim & Eric Awesome Show on Adult Swim]

The Apples In Stereo will steal your girlfriend in a most tuneful manner

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Fans of The Apples In Stereo’s earlier garage-jangle pop masterpieces (e.bloody.g., “Seems So”) might not have imagined there would ever be a sun-snogged patch of ELO’s picnic area where the band could be seen flinging a frisbee around and sipping cold ones with The Feeling.

But such is the vision their more recent stuff brings to mind, thanks to a 70s sensibility which, thankfully, does nothing to diminish the melodies which main chap Robert Schneider apparently produces more easily than you do saliva.

New album Travellers In Space And Time beams down several such tunelets. Get your listening tackle round “Told You Once”, f’rinstance:

The bonniest tune you’ve heard about nabbing someone’s girlfriend in a while, I’ll wager. While there will be lots of folk who have never hoid the thing, there will be many others who recognise it from a computer-based music simulation experience called Rock Band.


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So what it is, yeah, is I moved flat, yeah, and lost internet, yeah, and then when I got internet back the server broke, yeah, and then my laptop broke, yeah, and then the one I got to replace it broke, yeah, and then the World Cup was on, yeah…

But now all these things are out of the way, and all I have to worry about are the disasters yet to come. Marvluss.

So if you’re one of the three people who read this thing on a semi-regular basis, hello, back now.

To celebremate, let’s enjoy a spot of Aloe Blacc. This song is called “I Need A Dollar”*, it soundtracks some TV show or other in “the States”, and if you don’t like its hard-luck-uplifty charm you deserve to have your ears confiscated by whoever it is who’s in charge of doing that.

*There’s a chance erryone on the globe has loved and got bored of this song already, but I wouldnae ken because I’ve been “out of the loop” of late. Anyway, if you come here looking for the very latest “leaks” yooz kind of in the wrong yard. Lovely to see you, though.

Robinho jumps on "Single Ladies" bandwagon

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Sorry to say, the worldwide recession seems to have hit Brazil’s tenuously musical pre-World Cup TV ads. Check out this effort which, despite featuring stroppy genius Robinho and being set to Beyonce’s “Single Ladies”, is puh-ritty budget:

Lest we forget, in 2006 Ronaldinho and pals were part of this balletic masterpiece set in an airport:

That’s quite a drop in quality over the last four years. If the Brazilian Football Confederation’s marketing department were a band, they would be The Killers 🙁

[via Who Ate All The Pies]

Let’s remember Dave Chappelle as R Kelly

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Why? Just because I think many Brits may have missed out on this golden shower of goodness…

Sade's "Babyfather" video: a Slideshare presentation

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It's time to make Sia a Proper Popstar

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siaSia Furler is probably still most recognisable to people in Blighty for her stint in Zero 7, when she lent some high-class emoting to several otherwise quite somnolent songs which you’ll have heard used as dramatic shorthand in several TV shows over the last few years (see “Destiny”).

Those last few years, however, have also seen Sia release several very good albums, containing several very good songs, and yet she still seems to be very not a Proper Popstar as far as Most People are concerned.

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Julian Casablancas covers Bruce Springsteen in the dark, possibly dances

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Julian Casablancas covered Bruce Springsteen’s “Dancing In The Dark” during a show the other night, and it was caught on video. Well, the audio was. You can’t see shit.

There’s something about that crossover of poignancy and fist-pumping exhilaration that makes it a perfect song for Jules to cover, I think – it’s an emotional melange not too many light years away from what you’ll find on his splendid album of last year, Phrazes For The Young. Listen to