Best of 2010 Spotify playlist

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Yurr we are then, the obligatory end-of-year thingywing. As anyone who’s ever asked me for my all-time favourite song/album will know, I’m not very good at ranking things. It blows my mind that anyone can definitively say what their favourite song is.

So rather than do a Top 100 and whatnot, I’ve compiled a Spotify playlist of the best music of 2010.

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Peter Shilton and Andrew McCarthy appear in the same music video

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What blackmail material Norwegian show Gylne Tider (“Golden Times”) has over every slightly past-it celebrity on the planet is unclear. But it must be approximately as powerful as an Atomic Wikileak.

Behold, as familiar faces from yesterdecade mime to “Let it Be” and “We Are The World” in order to help promote the show.The former has better production values, but the latter fulfils one of my dearest childhood dreams: that of seeing ex-England goalkeeper Peter Shilton miming to Willie Nelson, closely followed  by ex-Germany striker Karl-Heinz Rummenigge miming to Al Jarreau.

To be honest I’d given up hope of this ever happening.

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E-Dubble brings the Freestyle Friday Feeling

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With tiresome Facebook recommendations and retweets polluting your eyeholes on the daily, it’s always refreshing to find an artist who uses social media in the right way. Of course, it’s usually those looking for a break that do so, because I suppose the big stars have factories full of fingers to update their Twitter feeds and so on.

Baltimore rapper E-Dubble is doing it right, but the chances are – if the quality of his Freestyle Friday series is owt to go by – he may soon be outsourcing his updates.

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50% Deadmau5 + 50% Neon Hitch = 10000000% good

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In a rare matching-up of mine and the music blogosphere’s music awareness, the weekend saw this collaboration between Deadmau5 and Neon Hitch – “I Can’t Behave Myself” – take up residence in the part of my brain marked “////AS GOOD AS BISCUITS//;;;O9IUIAOI”.

Old Mouseheed softens his manglesome production considerably and – as on last year’s masterful “I Remember” – replaces the headfarks with a killer melody and on-the-money female vocal. This time it’s from Ke$ha’s pal and soon-to-be-popstar Neon Hitch.

BREAKING NEWS: Big Dog D-Cam has just passed a ruling that will, if you claim not to like this song, automatically SLASH your already piddling brain capacity by a further 38%.

Deadmau5 & Neon Hitch – I Can’t Behave Myself by

[via Winnie Cooper]

Dinosaur Pile-Up interview: “Music scenes are like wombs. Once you’re ready, you gotta get out.”



When a band with a name like Dinosaur Pile-Up – who make songs what go RRRR, and tend to lark about in music videos like the one at the end of this very post – comes along, you sort of want to skip over and arks them a bunch of slightly silly, slightly fatuous interview questions.

You don’t really expect them to talk honestly about what a TOTAL BUM it is to get lumped in with a “scene”, or how they worry about selling records because they’ve just been evicted and are having to “bunk up” together (erk!).

Nevertheless, this is what happened when totally unbiased superfan Robyn Wilder twirled a strand of hair, cocked her head to one side, and breathlessly interrogated Dinosaur Pile-Up’s singer, Matt Bigland.

Hello Dinosaur Pile-Up! Where are you right now, and what are you doing?
In the van driving from Nottingham to Cambridge. The guys are watching a film, we’ve been going through the Scanners trilogy – even though two and three are terrible. But the first one is ACE.

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I didn’t know that Hot Chip & Bernard Sumner didn’t know what love was

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I am a bit ashamed that this collaborance has seemingly passed me by, but better late than never I surpose.

I’m sure I’m about the eleven killionth blowhole to opine that Hot Chip are the 21st century’s answer to New Order. Bedsit melancholy crossed with dancefloor euphoria is a tricky blighter to pull off, and the Chip are one of the few acts to have gone some way to following in the Order’s footsteps without appearing drearily contrived.

So sing several hosannas for the fact that Bernard Sumner and Hot Chip have got together and released a single called “Didn’t Know What Love Was” in aid of… Converse. If that makes you feel a bit icky, you old fashionedy, then you’ll be happy to know that the tune is free, so none of your groats will end up in the hands of what may/may not be an evil multinational conglomoblah blah blah.

The song itself is a little bit lovely without being remarkable, I think, pleasingly combining the best of both parties and sounding not a million miles from Barney’s Electronic side project with Johnny Marr.

I think it’s nice that Bernard was not made to do any dancing in the video. His shadow grows no less, as my Gramps would say.

Download “Didn’t Know What Love Was” from

Slave to LUV & HAT

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This is a short murmur to say that while you’re waiting for my bi-yearly update on this here “property” you can, for one week only, find me covering for golden-haired Guardian hunk Stuart Heritage at LUV & HAT. He’s off modelling in Europe or something.

How LUV & HAT works is, one person writes about how they LUV something, and then the other writes about how they HAT it. So this week I shall be pugilating with LUV & HAT co-founder and occasional MCT contributress Robyn Wilder over a number of trivialities.

It’s not a competition, you understand. But I still intend to WIN.

First up: BATHMATS.

I will not listen to music on MySpace ever again

Digital Love/Hate/Indifference


I am sick to the actual arse teeth of having to use MySpace to listen to music.

Even with a decent internet connection it takes more time to load a MySpace artist page than it does to listen to a Jimmy Page guitar solo. Then, just when you think it’s loaded, your poor overworked browser catches up with all the frustrated actions you tried to “execute” while you were waiting, and you end up down by the “THX 4 ThE ADD” idiots.

Until recently you then often had to scroll HORIZTONTALLY – shielding your eyes from grotesque banners the size of submarines – to actually locate that piece-of-shit, hasn’t-changed-in-any-noticeable-way-since-1912 “music player”.

FINALLY, you get to listen to the music. Oh, if the piece-of-shit piece of shit actually does what it’s pieceofshittingly supposed to. Which, quite often, it doesn’t.

After going through all that nonsense, the music you’re trying to get to needs to be puh-huh-huh-retty bloody good to make you stick around.


So I’m not going to use MySpace to listen to music ever, ever, ever, wever, bever again. Even for exclusives. Even if The Knife record a new album, and allow you to listen to it FIVE YEARS ahead of everyone else via MySpace, mine ears will not sample the joys. If a friend’s band uploads their music to MySpace, I am willing to cut them out of my life. I would rather consign a cherished friendship to history than go near that website again.

I don’t expect this to have much effect on “how things are done”, because only about three people read this blog. All I hope is that maybe one record company/online agency sort will see this post (and the comments beneath it if anyone can be arsed) and think: “HEY! Maybe I’ll put that artist’s music on SoundCloud instead, because it’s much nicer to look at, it’s easier to use and it doesn’t make users feel like they’re being raped in the eye!”.

And if an act has their own domain which sneakily redirects to a MySpace page, and I get caught out, I will not only never listen to them again, but I will do a poo in a jiffy bag and send it to their mum(s). THEIR MUM(S).

It’s Monday, so Pharrell Williams will be boning you now

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It’s always pleasing when a video lives up to the ridiculosity of the song it accompanies. So well done N*E*R*D, and Pharrell Williams in particular, for stepping up to “the plate” with “Hypnotize U”.

As with every song that has ever featured Pharrell, this song is about boning. Specifically, Pharrell’s boning. More specifically, Pharrell’s boning of “u”.

“Touch it girl, touch it girl, touch it girl – ah,” he demands. It’s the kind of approach that only really works if you’re an innernational popstar, as you’ll soon discover if you try it in the aisle of your local supermarket. And just in case you think the “it” to which he refers could be a kitten, or a nice rug, or some plush flock wallpaper – I’ve checked, and none of these items appear in this video. Except for some plush flock wallpaper.

While Phazza starts the clip having a good old scrub, he soon exits his wooden, mirror-fronted shower cubicle to be confronted not with a cloud of water vapour or a noisy extractor fan, but approximately a dozen panting, writhing Tommy Hilfiger models. And, er, Phonejacker (2:02).

When it comes to the inevitable divide you find with N*E*R*D songs – they tend to be either amazing or utter ballhole – “Hypnotize U” may actually end up in the former category. It’s got an insistent, 808s and Heartbreaks something about it which reduces the preposterousness of the lyrics by a small but important amount with each listen.

Shame the once great Neptunes are now followers of production methods rather than leaders, but at least this is better than the utter ballhole that was “Hot-n-Fun”.

Does Pharrell remind anyone else of Adam Sandler when he wears a pork pie hat and denim jacket at 3:33 onwards?

Buy N*E*R*D tracks at 7digital (I wouldn’t bother with whole albums, they’re invariably disappointing)

Win Three Now Playing tickets: see White Lies, Everything Everything and I Am Arrows live


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Three Now Playing London


Have you heard about Three’s Now Playing gigs? Don’t answer just yet. Wait until you have read this post, and then answer “yes I have, and I wish to enter your competition to win tickets to one of them, if you don’t mind too much.”

Three are hosting their Now Playing shows to celebremate their partnership with Spotify, the result of which is that you can now stream Spotify on Three mobile phones. Heck, they’re even giving some phones away for free.

The first Now Playing London (#threenowplaying) gig is this very Thursday, the 28th October, at Shoreditch Town Hall, and My Chemical Toilet has one pair to give away.

The winner will get to see popular doomsters White Lies, jerky falsetto glitchpoppers Everything Everything and lovelorn nouveau soft-rockers, I Am Arrows. The DJ for the evening will be remix maniac Eddy Temple Morris.

Not a bad line-up for a freeb, huh?

To enter, email stuart (at) with the name of one band Andy Burrows of I Am Arrows used to be in. Use the subject line RAZORLIGHT. Please include a phone number “just in case”.

I’ll pick a winner at random at 5pm on Wednesday 27th October, so you’ll get 24 hours’ notice if you’re the lucky swine. Please see after the jump for terms and conditions.

For more information on Now Playing and to find out more about Three’s exclusive Spotify Premium bundle, visit You’ll also be able to listen to playlists compiled speshly by the Now Listening artists.

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