Rave Digging: Oceanic – "Insanity"

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I dare say there might be a fair few old codgers out there who would maintain Oceanic’s Top 5 hit from 1991 never qualified as rave. After all, it probably soundtracked more Malibu regurgitations than it did warehouse parties. But it qualified as “chart rave”, at the very least.

I mean look at the evidence from this Top Of The Pops performance – you’ve got two nondescript blokes on keyboards (one of whom is sporting the requisite smelly ponytail), plinky synths, lyrics about “dream tripping” and being taken “higher”, two rather naff dancers and a middlingly attractive female singer. PLUS key changes. What else would you call it?

Keep an eye out for Loose Women‘s Jakki Jackie Brambles sounding all posh at the start, too:

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  1. David Harry says:

    Hi Stuart. I was googling for something by my old band, and come across your comments. Brought a smile to my face remembering what we used to do, but thank God it is all in the past.

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