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susan_boyle_storeAs you’ll be aware, we are now experiencing a post-Boyle entertainment landscape. Pre-Boyle, it was a commonly-held belief that non-pretty people were unable to sing – it was thought that the sheer weight of their ugly faces meant their mouths could not be held open long enough to complete a song.

Susan Boyle’s Britain’s Got Talent performance has opened the world’s eyes to the fact that, somehow, a beautiful voice can emerge from a middle-aged Scottish virgin lacking the physical traits of conventional attractiveness.

Imagine that! Looks have nothing to do with talent!

Fortunately for those worrying that this topsy-turvy development may be ushering in a new, cynicism-free age, there are plenty of entrepreneurial people out there willing to swiftly register Susan Boyle-related domain names or set up online stores with pithy, vaguely Susan Boyle-related text on them (see above image).

At the time of writing the clip of her performance on YouTube is picking up around 3 million hits a day, which is good news for Susan but also for the fan pages which have managed to get their links placed in the page’s information panel., for example, has been in existence for barely a week but, despite its hastily cobbled-together design and misspelled introduction, has over 10,000 registered members.

With Boyle’s sudden worldwide popularity the site seems to have become the main destination for teary-eyed, illiterate Earthlings to weep their words onto the web under the impression that it’s Susan Boyle’s official website. It’s not, of course, but that hasn’t deterred legions of fans from addressing personal, occasionally unhinged messages directly to her.

Let’s just say that if Susan Boyle’s voice doesn’t usher in a new age of global peace, love and understanding, there are going to be a lot of upset lunatics out there.

Now, let us enjoy some fan comments from in their unedited, tin foil-hatted glory:

Overnight, you


  1. Susi says:

    Stop with the hating.

  2. Susie says:

    The angels dressed Susan that morning. First, they put on strenth and dignity then draped the chain around her neck cradling a ring. Her lace dress with the satin belt just had to be tied in a bow – perfection. Wearing smoky-black hose and her creamy-white heels are a fantastic duo. The rings on her fingers and the heart-shaped watch finishes the look. WELL DONE!! I have watched this video more than 200 times. I cannot get enough of seeing firsthand someone so deserving receiving their dream!!

  3. John says:

    All this from someone who suffered oxygen deprivation as an infant!

  4. lyn says:

    susan, oh my susan, god bless you,you made my hairs stand up, my heart cry for more and the world like it should be. it was like the arrival of a angel. please don’t stop, i could listen to you forever. susie said it best. we want more, it makes life so beautiful to hear an angel sing. bless you forever and ever……….

  5. susanbfan09 says:

    She was a shocker! I support her and made this for her, check it out

  6. Metin2 Yang says:

    I cannot get enough of seeing firsthand someone so deserving receiving their dream!!

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