The Shoes vs Primary 1's "Ho Lord" is heaven-sent

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The Shoes vs Primary 1: "Ho Lord"The sun has been shining in smelly London town recently, which might not mean jack if you’re reading this from Miami or summink but to us Brits it feels like a birrova miracle.

It also makes songs like The Shoes/Primary 1’s springy “Ho Lord” sound like they were beamed down by Jebus himself to soundtrack our barbecues:

The Shoes/Primary 1 – “Ho Lord”

Don’t you love that weird bit where the guy goes “… Elton John”?

You can buy “Ho Lord” on 7″ from Pure Groove at the moment, or download it at The vinyl release includes some rosary beads, which might come in handy when you’re begging forgiveness from your bank manager for spunking

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  1. Kat Hannaford says:

    Does he say ‘I don’t even need computer love’?

    It’s alright for some *harumpf*

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