Just Jack: "Who's Susan Boyle? Was she the singer woman?"


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Just Jack Cheeky cockney hip-pop sparra Jack Allsopp is better known to you – unless you are his Mum – as Just Jack. He’s got a not-bad-at-all single called “Embers” out at the moment, and has just hopped on board the Road To V wagon to mentor the bands who won the fans’ vote, as they attempt to become the act to open this year’s V Festival.

Alex Pullin went along to chat to Just Jack sparra for My Chemical Toilet, and nattered with him about why he doesn’t think much of Twitter, why Elton John calls him “at totally random times” and whether he’d perform a duet with Susan Boyle.

Continue reading for proof that I am not a stinking dirty lying liar, won’t you?

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