The Honey Brothers provide a "Demonstration" of Adrian Grenier's drumming

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I am a fan of Entourage. Of course I am. Like Californication, it’s extremely entertaining, amusing, naughty fantasy bullshit for males who will never get to sleep with as many women as the characters in those shows do.

Entourage‘s main dude, Adrian Grenier (he plays Vince – that’s him on the far right of the photo), is also in a band called The Honey Brothers. They have a new song out there in the etherweb called “Demonstration”, and do you know what, it’s not bad.

Vince is restricted to the drums, so you’re not going to get a chance to have a dig at his vocals, soz. But it’s a jaunty, jangly little tyke and no mistake, and will fit very nicely on any summer soundtracks you may be optimistically compiling.

Sadly the spotting of science goggles in the above pic implies their general oevre leans towards the “wacky” side, so you might want to give this a listen now before any further examples of bonkersness arise and you decide you want to stab them.

Listen below, and you can also download it at Popsense.


(And if you’ve never watched Entourage, Season 1 is going cheap at Amazon)

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  1. Very Bad Grrl says:

    Hmm… Adrian not Adrien! Also, yeah, they are all geeks;)Lol!

  2. scottm canada says:

    They are pretty good!

  3. blf says:

    Adrian’s drumming is ok but the music sucks. The song drifts around aimlessly, like a bunch of boys in the garage after school.

    It’s just short of being as chokingly sugar sweet as a boy band.

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