140 characters is plenty to say "Fleet Foxes f*cking suck"

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This video of music critic Christopher R. Weingarten from the 140 Characters Conference is priceless. It is precisely the opposite of what you expect from anything with the word “conference” in it. It is impassioned, funny, insightful, angry, honest and bullshit-free.

That it also effectively tells any aspiring music journalists to give up now due to the onset of Twitter & social media is kind of a shame, but he’s just calling it as he – and a lot of other people – see it.

Christopher R. Weingarten’s 1000TimeYes Twitter project

[via Hypebot]

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  1. Tenna Jacob says:

    Well I think you proved why we don’t need music critics. Some of them suck. I think if you’re good at what you do you don’t need to worry. I wouldn’t blame it on the media Christopher.

  2. Jack Tatum says:

    140 characters is plenty to say “What an opinionated douchebag.” Why don’t you try making some music you untalented yente?

  3. Lisa says:

    Pleased to hear you will be out of a job soon. Your comments are unsavory, boastful and unkind. Time to move on pal, your type of journalism is no longer wanted.

  4. Steve says:

    It must be Sooooo amazing to be you! Well, no wonder your worried about your job. What spews out of your face seems to have nothing to do with a music critique (constructive, informed criticism = journalism). Your foul blithering lacks any credible form of journalism. You and your ilk (thankfully) wont survive the changing technology landscape. It’s a modern form of ‘natural selection’.

  5. BrendaBoy says:

    How is “fleet foxes (or any band) F*cking suck” criticism? A mean spirited insult maybe, a harsh opinion for sure. But that is not criticism. People who have the talent for giving honest and well backed criticism will continue to be critics. People who throw out mean jabs will continue to do so on twitter.

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