Cicada's "Psycho Thrills" should be number one by now

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cicada_rouletteCan you imagine how great it would be if Ladyhawke hooked up wih Girls Aloud producers Xenomania? If your brain isn’t up to such popmath, fear not – there’s a song on Cicada‘s new album Roulette which shows exactly how great such a pairing would sound.

It is called “Psycho Thrills”, and if whoever makes such decisions for Cicada doesn’t ensure it is released as a single toot bloody sweet, they ought to find themselves languishing in a dole queue for the rest of the summer.

Slap my wrist for such harshness, but if you give “Psycho Thrills” a listen below you will surely come to the same conclusion – this, amongst an album of splendid electro-pop, is surely a numero one single (despite something in the synths reminding me of Eric Clapton’s “Behind The Mask (?!)).


Buy “Psycho Thrills” and other tracks from Cicada’s Roulette at 7Digital

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  1. marineboy says:

    Agreed sir – Psycho Thrills is THE tune of the summer…just noboby but us knows about it!

    Here’s hoping all the best of luck to Cicada…I LOVE IT 😉

  2. Matt Morden says:

    Dirty song… check out the Dyebox remix at:

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