Gathania's "Blame It On You" is part of a long term career strategy

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Regular readers (yeah, right) might have noticed that I can be a bit of a sucker for some zingy Europop, and this is never truer than when Mr Sunshine comes out to play.

Gathania’s “Blame It On You” fits into that category nicely, even though it’s actually a birrova sad tale if you listen to the lyrics.

Gathania, says the press release, is 2009’s “priority signing” for her label Hard2Beat, and they’ve spent time “planning a long term career strategy”. It’s a glamorous game and no mistake.

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  1. I have five words for you – Heartbreak Make Me A Dancer.

    It’s the English pronunciation of “Daaahhhh-ncer” that does it for me. So rare to hear the word pronounced properly in music.

    Sorry I haven’t got a Twitter.

  2. You’re quite right, it is a novelty, and a pleasing one at that. Have you seen the video? Also “pleasing”.

    If you had a Twitter account you could throw pithy observations such as this into the internet all day long, you know. But then people might reply, and you might need to “engage”.

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