"The Spell" hopefully enough to banish Alphabeat/Diet Coke ad memories

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alphabeatAlready one of those groups that polarises opinion, I’m hoping Alphabeat haven’t tipped over into ubiquitous loathsomeness on account of that dreadful Diet Coke advert they soundtrack. I can’t tell you how much I hate that fucking ad.

Oh, hang on – yes I can:

[———————————-THIS MUCH———————————]

“The Spell”, their new single, has a distinct late-80s vibe garnishing a predictably sugar-sweet pop hook. It’s brilliant, and if you don’t like it you deserve to be made to listen to Snow Patrol for the rest of your drearsome days.

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  1. Siany says:

    Oh no! What’s happened to them?! This is crap! Her voice sounds funny and it’s all dancey instead of poppy.

    I want the fun poppy-ness back. Rubbish. Humph. Sulking now.



  3. Siany says:

    I think you were right when you said it might be a grower. I’m dancing along a little bit in my chair. This makes me happy – I do love Alphabeat so.

    My Chemical Toilet is mostly always right.

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