Washed Out’s new video reminds me that I prefer one of his other songs

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Washed Out – “Hold Out” from John Lipari on Vimeo.

This is the new video for Washed Out’s “Hold Out”. If you haven’t heard of Washed Out (real name: Ernest Greene), don’t feel bad. I only just started listening to him, and I’m supposed to be a music blogger. The REAL music bloggers were doing excite-a-poos over Washed Out about a year ago, when I was discovering Bon Jovi.

It’s a nice enough video, and gives a good idea of what you can expect from the album from which it is yoinked, Life Of Leisure. It’s all kind of like that floppy feeling you get after a too-hot bath, but more tuneful.

Anyway, this gives me a good opportunitas to post my favourite shong from the album. It’s called “New Theory”, and although this isn’t the official vid for it, it “does the job” (the bit with the paper birdy is a bit much though).

[via Stoney Roads]

Buy “New Theory”, or indeed “Hold Out”, or indeed a few other Washed Out songs, from 7digital

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