Nile Rodgers tells how he tricked Diana Ross into "coming out"


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Nile Rodgers is brilliant. Along with Bernard Edwards he’s left a body of work which is almost beyond compare, with one of his biggest successes being Diana Ross’s disco-infused comeback album of 1980, Diana – still her biggest-selling studio album.

Diana featured “Upside Down” – which is in my top 10 songs ever ever ever – as well as the Notorious B.I.G-sampled “I’m Coming Out”. Listened to now the latter is obviously as gay as a window, but Nile somehow managed to convince Diana Ross that he was oblivious to such connotations. This is him at the Music Matters conference, telling the tale of how he got the idea and how he got away with it…

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  1. top hat and tails says:

    i dig nile but i doubt very seriously that he told diana ross to “just sing what we said” and that’s how the song came to be the enduring classic hit it is. ross tells a very different version of her collaboration with rodgers and edwards on the song and furthermore it is a known fact in the industry that ross seized personal control of the project at the end and remixed it to her satisfaction before it was released.

  2. Troy says:

    Yeah I remember the disagreement between Rodgers and Ross and how she remixed the song herself. Funny how the story gets changed over the years.

  3. ben says:

    Diana didn’t mix it. She asked one of Motown’s best engineers, Russ Terrana, to mix it. That’s the award winning sound you hear. Edwards & Rogers weren’t real happy about that either.

    There’s a deluxe set of the Diana CD which features both mixes. There’s a BIG difference.

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